Julie Becker Appointed as Deputy CEO of Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Luxembourg Stock Exchange - Deputy CEOLuxembourg Stock Exchange, one of the leading European stock exchanges recently revealed in an announcement that it has appointed a new deputy CEO. In a public announcement made last week, Mr. Frank Wagener – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Luxembourg Stock Exchange revealed the new appointment stating that the stock exchange operator now has a new Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Ms. Julie Becker. Ms. Becker has been with the European stock exchange for nearly six and a half years now having joined the exchange back in July of 2013. Prior to her latest appointment as deputy Chief Executive Officer, she had been serving in the role of Member of Executive Committee having taken up the role in January of 2015.

Ms. Becker is a veteran with two decades of experience having served in wide range of roles in major banks and government monitoring agencies making her an expert in legal and compliance verticals. During her term with Luxembourg stock exchange so far, she has held several roles such as Executive Advisor and Head of Legal and Compliance department aside from her role as member of executive committee. Before her term with LuxSE, Julie served as a member of the high level expert group on sustainable Finance for European Commission and held the role for three years. Prior to that, Julie served as member of the management board and General Counsel/head of Legal and Compliance department at Dexia Technology Services in Luxembourg.

Julie began her career as Senior Legal Counsel at Banque Internationale a Luxembourg (BIL) where she served as senior legal counsel for nearly eight years as per informational from her LinkedIn account. Post her term with BIL, she also served as a part of French bank Dexia SA as a part of its Compliance and Data Protection department post which she served at Central Bank of Luxembourg for brief period of 21 months in the role of Compliance officer. Julie will now work together with current CEO Mr. Robert Scharfe and is expected to work towards broadening the international dimension, the role of the stock market in sustainable finance and ensure the digital future of the business as part of responsibilities of her new role.

When speaking to news outlets about appointment of Julie as new Deputy CEO, Mr. Frank Wagener – Chairman of the Board of Directors commented, “Julie Becker has brought a clear vision, new perspectives and drive to the exchange. Her contribution to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange over the past 6 years has been significant and I am confident that she will bring great value in the role as Deputy CEO”.

Julie’s appointment in her new role as Deputy CEO comes in great part due to her successful achievements as part of her contribution in creation of the green finance platform – Luxembourg Green Exchange – a world first when it was launched at the end of 2016. Aside from promotion of Ms. Becker, the announcement also revealed the appointment of Mr. Laurent Pulinckx to the role of Head of IT department and as member of executive committee.