John Bock Appointed as CLS Group’s Head of Sales

John BockNew York-headquartered forex infrastructure, risk mitigation, and settlement service provider CLS group recently made an announcement revealing that it now has a new head of sales for its business operations in Americas market region. The move was first revealed to the public via changes made to newly hired executive John Bock’s LinkedIn profile. John Bock is an industry veteran with nearly three decades of experience serving in tier 1 multinational banking institutions.

Owing to his long career in top tier financial service providers, John has been experienced in various divisions of business such as risk management, electronic sales, CRM, algorithm marketing and business development focusing on the forex market. John started his career in the finance industry post graduating with a bachelor’s degree in finance from Villanova University. John started his career as an operations analyst at Goldman Sachs back in June 1990 and served at the firm for nearly 17 years. 

During his tenure at the firm, he slowly climbed up the ladder until he finally became a Vice President – a role which he held until his resignation from the firm in May 2007. During his tenure with the investment banking giant, john gained valuable experience in trading, sales and e-FX. John then moved on to Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he served as Director for eSolutions for a period of 3 years and 4 months.

In his role as Director, he was responsible for the firm’s US based electronic trading and sales systems and ensuring that the firm’s clients both external and Internal gained access to seamless electronic execution. He also played a major part on the merger between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch during his tenure with the firm. John then became Director and Head of E-Commerce FX for Americas region business operations for Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking and served at the firm for nearly 8 years.

In his role as director he was responsible for overseeing the management of all aspects of the firm’s e-FX business which included risk management, sales, CRM and algorithmic client trading. Speaking about his term at Societe Generale, John had mentioned in his LinkedIn profile stating, “I spearheaded the effort within a small team framework to ensure client satisfaction, balanced with a positive proprietary experience”. John served at Societe Generale until he resigned from the firm to take up his current role at CLS group.

While CLS group has primarily been popular in market as risk mitigation and settlement services provider, it has lately been working to change its brand image. The firm’s decision to hire John was also a part of the firm’s broader strategy which aims at re-establishing its image as a firm which provides innovative products, post trade risk management, aggregation and netting solutions rather than just being known as a traditional settlement services provider. 

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