JHC Launches Digital Wealth Platform for Wealth Managers


JHC Systems (JHC), a leading wealth management fintech firm, has launched its Digital Wealth Platform in order to improve efficiency and enhance the experience of end users by digitizing key processes, allowing wealth managers to focus more on client relationships and retention.

Available to wealth management firms of all sizes, the Digital Wealth Platform enables operations to be digitised from front-to-back with a modular offering that combines mission-critical data, processes, people, activities, and offices so that they function as one.

The platform uses a single database, which eliminates the need for inefficient and time-consuming duplication and integration, allowing wealth managers to build their digital ecosystem and providing a base for third-party digital solutions.

Edward Lopez, Chief Revenue Officer at JHC, said: “JHC has served the industry for over 25 years and we’ve seen it all. During that time, just like our customers, we have had to digitise our offering in order to ensure that we have consistently anticipated the needs of clients as the industry has evolved. This journey means we have been best placed to develop the Digital Wealth Platform, enabling firms to improve their capabilities today while also providing scalability for the future. Although everyone is keen to
make the most of digitisation, firms often try to run before they can walk. While other sectors have made strides in their digital capabilities, PwC recently dubbed wealth management “one of the least
tech-literate financial services sectors. We have seen this first hand, so we know that wealth managers need to build from the ground up, making sure that they have the bare necessities in place first. Our Digital Wealth Platform provides firms with a solid foundation from which they can start thinking about leaping into the future.”

Streamlined operations and access to a clean source of data have grown in importance in recent years as the world of wealth management continues to advance, and regulatory demands increase.

JHC client roster includes high-profile names in wealth management sector including Davy, Charles Stanley, Societe Generale Securities Services, and LGT Vestra. The latter has recently deployed JHC’s solution to help them digitally transform the management of their suitability reporting. According to JHC, LGT Vestra saw the manual processing time for its middle office reduced from two months down to one day.

The company features a range of products including JHC Figaro, “the front-to-back investment management platform”; JHC Neon, “the digital dashboard for instant portfolio monitoring, risk analysis, and suitable checking”; and JHC Xenon, the client mobile app.