itexsys Partners With Gold-i to Offer MT5 White Label Solution to Brokers

Gold-iUK-based MetaTrader White Label provider itexsys has announced a strategic partnership with Gold-i in order to make the most of the recently acquired MT5 license following overwhelming client demand.
itexsys helps foreign exchange and CFD brokers to implement their own bespoke MT4 offering at an accessible price through a white label solution with 24×7 customer service and hosting in Equinix LD4 data center in London.
Gold-i is a renowned leader in the development of intelligent plugins and services for brokers using MetaTrader MT4 and MT5 trading software, including Gold-i Link, MT4 Bridge, Visual Edge, MT5 Gateway, and Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4.

The partnership comes with two benefits, firstly it enables existing brokers to start offering MT5 without paying high licensing fees thus can focus on the area of profitability. And second, it will also allow new firms to enter the brokerage space with the lower cost of operations than they would have to pay for an MT5 license themselves. 

Simon Blackledge, Co-Founder and Director of itexsys, said:
Simon Blackledge, Co-Founder and Director of itexsys
Simon Blackledge, Co-Founder and Director of itexsys

“In addition to start-up MT5 brokerages, particularly in Asia, we are seeing increasing interest from established brokers across the globe who want to assess demand from their clients before committing to their own MT5 license. itexsys, in partnership with Gold-i, is ideally placed to help with both of these market segments.

“Over the last few years we have helped many regulated and unregulated brokers progress to the point of needing to have their own MT4 license and we’d like to replicate this success with MT5. We have a long-standing partnership with Gold-i through our MT4 White Label and are delighted to continue to work with them as part of our new MT5 White Label. We believe Gold-i’s technology and technical support is the best in the industry.”, Blackledge added.
Tom Higgins, Chief Executive Officer of Gold-i, commented:
Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i
Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i

“MT5 is gaining momentum. However, there are many brokers who require a low-cost entry to the market. itexsys provides the ideal solution – an interim MT5 offering which enables brokers to assess growth opportunities prior to progressing to their own license. itexsys has a wealth of experience and has the advantage of being completely agnostic, with no affiliation to any broker or LP. When a broker is ready for their own MT5, itexsys can help with the transition.”

itexsys’ white label MT5 product is ideal for early-stage MT5 and MT4 brokers who are unwilling to commit to the upfront cost of a full MT5 license. This cost-effective and fully branded MT5 solution gives brokers the flexibility to select Liquidity Providers across multiple asset classes including FX, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies.