Integral Reports Slight Increase in Average Daily Volume in September

Integral, a fintech company involved in the FX market, has announced its monthly volume stats for September and it shows a slight increase in the average daily volume as the FX industry recovers from the effects of the pandemic in a slow manner.

It reported an average daily volume across all its platforms to be $44.9 billion in September which was a slight increase of 1.6% over the ADV in August 2021. and an increase of 9.5% when compared to the same month last year. This should be an encouraging sign for the company and the FX industry as a whole as it shows signs of recovering trading volumes as the industry would be desperately trying to overcome a bad year in 2020 when the world was swept by the pandemic and this had forced many traders, especially the retail ones, to hold on to their funds to ensure that they saved up something for an uncertain future. This led to falling volumes on many broker platforms and exchanges around the world. But now that the worst is past us, the only direction as far as the trading volumes are concerned, for the brokers who managed to survive through the lean period, is upwards.

This represents the volumes traded across all its entities which includes TrueFX and Integral OCX. This is a continuing trend as far as Integral is concerned as it has been showing improving volumes since the beginning of the year and the company would be hoping that this upward trend continues for the rest of the year. The company continues to serve large institutions, banks, brokers, asset managers, etc, and the growing volumes at the company and its integrated platforms go to show that the same is being reflected in the institutions that are involved in financial services.

The pandemic has been a big setback for the trading world and had forced the shutdown of many smaller broker platforms and exchanges. It was only towards the end of last year that things started turning around but for many companies involved in financial services, they could not survive till that time and folded. Those who had a war chest were able to survive the downtrend in the volumes and revenues and they can now be seen to be making full use of the reduced competition to upgrade their platforms and spread their wings.