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IG Group

IG Group Appoints GAIN’s Thomas Leyhane as Head of Compliance

February 28, 2018

UK-based spread betting firm, IG Group has made a senior level appointment to its compliance unit, by picking GAIN Capital’s EMEA Head of Compliance Thomas Leyhane. Thomas will assume the same role with IG Group.

Thomas will be looking after group’s compliance team spread across Europe, Middle-East, Africa (EMEA) regions, ensuring regulatory adherence, regulations that the firm is bound by. Given the evolving nature of business conditions and regulatory conditions, it is a greater challenge than ever before.

Mr Thomas is the perfect suit for this profile for IG Group as he has extensive experience in handling regulatory and compliance issues. Mr Thomas has served GAIN Capital, the biggest FX Retail broker in the US for more than 2 years, starting back in September 2015. Before that, he was working with UK financial regulator in the position of Lead Supervisor of Investment Banking division.

Lately, IG Group is aggressively scaling up its global operation with series of top-level management changes. In November last year, its long-serving UK director Alastair Hine announced his retirement after serving for nearly two decades at the firm. Earlier in July, the firm appointed Paul Mainwaring ‎as Chief ‎Financial Officer (CFO) replacing Mark Ward. The group has also appointed Mr Rupert Simon Toby ‎‎Osbourne as CEO for its newly established subsidiary in the US.

Nicholas Lee and former CEO Frank Chapman makes their exit from LCG Holdings

London Capital Group (LCG Holding) following approval from shareholders to delist from London Stock Exchange, the company witnessed two major exits. Nicholas Lee and former CEO Frank Chapman are making their exit from the company from the roles as independent non-executive directors after a long duration in the company.

Frank has been with the company since 2003, initially joining its Board and later on was given the responsibility of Chief Executive Officer in 2004, the position he remained in until his retirement in April 2010. Post-retirement, he became the non-independent non-executive director. Frank is an experienced industry veteran with his career spanning over three decades holding several senior-level positions at London Investment Trust, Baring Securities, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell and Amerex Petroleum. He is currently chairman of Oxygen Finance Ltd.

Nicholas Lee, who also made his exit from the company, ending over three years of association was originally appointed as a non-executive director of the company back in December 2014. Mr Lee is a seasoned investment banker and has over 25 years of experience in this industry and currently holds the role of executive chairman of AIM-listed Paternoster Resources plc.

The company in a statement explained its decision to cancel the listing was a result of admission to NEX Growth Market and want to reduce the operational complexity and cost involved in maintaining the listing in AIM and also the major concern was the limited liquidity in the counter.

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