HYCM Adds Seasonax to Enhance Trader Experience

HYCM, a well-established global forex broker, has recently added Seasonax to its services, a leader in seasonal trading pattern analytics, to help their traders more easily identify and analyse seasonal patterns in stocks, commodities, indices, and FX. As a result, traders can quickly identify trading opportunities and ultimately, make more sound investment decisions.

Seasonax’s seasonality patterns screener identifies upcoming trades with potential returns within individual assets using their award-winning algorithms. Moreover, thanks to its global cooperation, Seasonax offers integrations with Bloomberg Professional and Thomson Reuters / Refinitiv Eikon, allowing traders to improve their possibilities and outperform the market.

Gregor Emmian, HYCM’s Marketing Manager, commented on the launch:

“We continue our efforts to level up HYCM’s product offering and ensure that our clients’ toolbox is brimming with a variety of useful services. The newly added Seasonax patterns screener is a wonderful addition to our pool of services that will assist them in their day-to-day trading.”

Tea Muratovic, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Seasonax, commented:

“Seasonax has developed an analytical tool that enables every single investor to identify seasonal patterns in individual market instruments. Information is power and we are delighted to announce that in cooperation with HYCM investors will receive access to our award-winning algorithms that will help them make their investment decisions.”

To educate users about upcoming seasonal patterns, Seasonax publishes biweekly seasonal insights. In addition, Giles Coghlan, the Group Chief Currency Analyst, will continue to provide HYCM seasonal insights, based on Seasonax patterns, at the HYCM Lab blog. 

To enable Seasonax, please contact your HYCM account manager.

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