Higgs Block Launches Crypto Exchange Network to Coordenate Blockchain Ventures

CoinsuperCoinsuper, a cryptocurrency trading platform wholy-owned by blockchain technology and financial conglomerate Higgs Block Group, has launched Crypto Exchange Network (CEN).
The network aims to connect the digital financial world and will act as a syndicate agent liaising as the central hub for coordination. CEN will be responsible for coordinating with exchanges, protecting customers, opting for self-regulation, mitigating risks and developing more business opportunities.
Karen Chen, the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of Higgs Block Group, praised the Crypto Exchange Network for its importance within the ecosystem and the overall financial world as it aims to coordinate the traditional financial to expand the cryptocurrency market.
Coinsuper’s CEN will work together with financial institutions, regulatory authorities, and cryptocurrency exchanges, and support quality ICO tokens to get listed and connnected to a network of digital asset trading platforms. The network will lead its members to highly secured system and cooperate on the product development of a number of distributed ledger projects.
Higgs Block Technology was founded in August 2017 and is headquartered in Singapore. Karen Chen was appointed CEO of the company in May 2018, having joined the group from UBS China, where she was President since 2015. Prior to that, she was CEO at Commonwealth Bank of Australia and had held several portfolios at Standard Chartered Bank.
Karen Chen, CEO of Higgs Block Group
Karen Chen, CEO of Higgs Block Group

At Higgs Block, Karen Chen is focused in the areas of risk management, custodian, and trade settlement. The company is optimistic and expanding its cryptocurrency business despite a recent a crackdown by Chinese authorities on crypto exchanges and initial coin offerings.

The conglomerate counts with five subsidiaries: Higgs Chain, BitUN Fintech, Higss Consulting, Higgs Exchange Group, and Exchange Technology. Higgs Block focused on financial management consulting, one-stop exchange solutions, and the application of distributed ledger technology.
At UBS China, Karen Chen called for more restraint from the government of China and advocated for a balance between convention and innovation as high net-worth individuals and investors have sophisticated investment requirements. Blockchain technology will be able to cater to those requirements.