FXTRADING Announces Management Investment Scheme for FX Traders has announced a partnership with hedge fund Arbidyne Capital to better deliver compelling financial products and services that expand access to more retail clients and drive incremental revenue.

The ASIC-authorized FX and CFD broker is thus opening up its client base so that the retail-focused hedge fund can offer its services for investors looking for a professional hand.

The ASIC registered managed investment scheme will leverage the expertise of Arbidyne Capital’s professionals, who have performed very well in the last seven years, with a solid track record for its targeted retail clients’ market.

From June 2014 to May 2021, Arbidyne has achieved extraordinary returns after fees with a Sharpe ratio sitting at 1.58. Equipped with the knowledge and experience, Arbidyne Capital is bringing hedge fund trading to retail investors.

Tim Muirhead, Chief Investment Officer at Arbidyne, said: “This collaboration brings two global financial companies with different specialties together, expanding the breadth and depth of Arbidyne’s services and enhancing the connection with our retail clients.”

Mercury Liu, the director of FXTRADING, commented: “We see this partnership unlocking incredible potential for expanded services to meet the changing needs and increased opportunities for our worldwide retail clients. By combining our sophisticated operation system and Arbidyne’s unique Momentum And Fundamental Trading (MAFT) strategy, the collaboration will reinforce the connections between Arbidyne’s services and retail clients, and offer them a rich suite of investment choices at the same time.

Said Leo Hung, the current Operation Manager at FXTRADING, added: “There is tremendous mutual recognition between the companies for the impact and influence on the respective industry. We look forward to joining forces to continue enhancing both the strategy implementation and operation of Arbidyne’s financial service.”, also known as FXT, has more than 50,000 active retail clients that have access to over 10 thousand trading instruments available, including currency pairs, metals, energies, crypto, equity indices and equity CFDs.

The FX broker offers two types of trading accounts, Alpha and Standard accounts that are tailored to meet the needs of clients with different level of trading experiences. Leverage can go up to 500:1 for professional clients.

Leverage restrictions on CFD products have been imposed by the Australian financial watchdog earlier this year, late March 2021. The regulatory decision was taken as a means to protect retail investors as margin trading can be quite risky and, without proper risk management, a significant percentage of retail traders end up losing money.