FxOpen Extends Offering to its Crypto Accounts, Lists 8 new Crypto Pairs

Global retail Fx broker, FxOpen has extended the list of its crypto offering to its crypto accounts. Strengthening its crypto offering, FxOpen has added 8 new crypto pairs amidst growing client demands in the industry. It has added Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Monero, NEO, IOTA, EOS and OMNI to crypto accounts.
Including the latest additions, FxOpen now offers a total of 39 cryptocurrency pairs through the list of contracts-for-difference (CFD) which can be traded against US Dollar, EURO and Bitcoin. It has also set a margin call on such pairs at 30 percent and Stop out at 15 percent.
FxOpen has also made some minor improvements to the crypto accounts:
• Decreased minimum lot sizes for symbols with LTC, DSH, ETH from 1 unit to 0.1 units of the base currency
• Decreased minimum lot sizes for EMC pairs from 10 units to 1 unit of the base currency
• The maximum slippage for EMC/BTC pair has been changed from 3 to 10 points
FxOpen is strengthening its Cryptocurrency CFD offering through its (Percentage Allocation Master Module) PAMM accounts which allows cryptocurrency traders to follow other seasoned traders and their trading strategies. The PAMM products have been significantly contributing to the volumes of the groups in traditional markets as well as cryptocurrency markets. The latest additions signify the broker’s commitment to the crypto community amidst changing trading dynamics of the industry.
Coinbase refutes charges on duplicate transaction
Meanwhile, Coinbase has refuted the charges of the issue of duplicate transactions on cards of some users was caused by them. The US-based exchange has said issuing the statement in its Medium blog.
“Over the last two days, some customers who used a credit or debit card at Coinbase may have seen duplicate transactions posted to their cardholder accounts. This issue was not caused by Coinbase,”
Payment processor, Worldpay and VISA are believed to have started the reversal entries of duplicate transactions for the affected clients. Worldpay serves as a medium for Coinbase to use the VISA’s network. Both Worldpay and Coinbase have taken the issue with VISA officials to ensure duplicate transactions are reversed. A joint statement issued by VISA and WorldPay elaborates:
“All reversal transactions have now been issued, and should appear on customers’ credit card and debit card accounts within the next few days. We believe the majority of these reversals have already posted to accounts. If you continue to have problems with your credit or debit card account after this reversal period, including issues relating to card fees or charges, we encourage you to contact your card issuing bank. We deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused customers.”
In the last few day, users of Coinbase have started reporting the incident of duplicate transactions to social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is also looking into the issue of double charging of Coinbase users.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said in a statement: “We are aware of the reports, and expect companies to comply with all applicable laws regarding the treatment of consumers’ funds. Consumers who find unauthorized charges in their bank account or credit card should contact their financial institution immediately.”