Saudi Aramco

Alastair Wooler Appointed As FX Hedging Specialist at Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco - Hedging SpecialistSaudi Aramco, one of the leading player in petroleum and natural gas industry has recently on-boarded a European fx veteran to serve as its forex and rates hedging specialist. In a move that was first revealed to the world via changes made to the incoming executive’s LinkedIn account, Mr. Alastair Wooler to serve as a part of its financial services division. According to the information in his profile, Mr. Wooler joined the Arabian petrochemical giant sometime in December of 2019 and holds the official title of FX and Rates Hedging Specialist. Mr. Wooler is based out of the firm’s headquarters located in Dhahran. Alastair is a veteran with twenty eight years of experience in banking and financial services industry and spent major part of his career serving out of firms based in Europe.

Prior to taking up his current role at Aramco, he held the title of Global FX Business Manager at UniCredit. Alastair spent half of his 28 year long career serving as part of Italian banking service provider and was promoted thrice during his 14 year-long tenure with the firm. He started out in the firm as part of Corporate Liability Solutions which dealt with FX & Rates and was then promoted to serve as member of Solutions Structuring team within the FX & Rates division itself. He was then promoted to the role of Deputy Head of FX Structuring which he held for nearly 7 years during which he was relocated to firm’s office in Milan making it his first post outside of the UK in his career until that point. While he spent the majority of his career serving in FX departments of various firms, he initially started out as an executive dealing in Fixed Income Research at Lehman Brothers.

Wooler began his career in financial services industry while still pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in banking and international finance from London City University. He has holds an MBA degree from SDA Bocconi/Wharton School which was a special course focusing on General Finance and Intensive General Management. Post his term with Lehman Brothers, he joined Natwest Global Financial Markets where he served in capacity of FX Exotic Options Structurer and remained at the firm for four years. After parting ways with Natwest, He joined Deutsche Bank AG and served as member of its Corporate Liability team based out of the bank’s London office for five years with each of his role showing signs of successful track record during his tenure. In his new role with the petroleum giant, Wooler is expected to be responsible for analysis, monitoring and hedging of FX market risks while also handling additional tasks such as assessing market exposures, performing quantitative and qualitative analysis on positions and risks of the respective portfolios and reporting his findings to risk management team.