Romain Le Baud

Former Swissquote Executives Launch Private Equity Firm

Two former executives of Swiss banking giant Swissquote launched new private equity firm Guru Capital SA based in Switzerland. Ryan Nettles and Luca Merolla the co-founders of the firm were both former e-FX executives at Swissquote before their resignation to start up the private equity firm. As per information in his LinkedIn profile, Ryan Nettles has been appointed as a Managing Partner at Guru Capital and the same has been confirmed by Nettles in one of his interviews with news website As per the article published in the website, Mr. Nettles stated that the firm is currently seeking investment opportunities with companies that are active in EMEA & APAC regions which are focused on FX & CFD brokerage services, asset management and Fintech sectors.

The firm which was founded earlier this year provides advisory service to investment funds on various strategic investment opportunities in today’s financial services industry. Luca Merolla, the co-founder of Guru Capital SA served at Swissquote along with Mr. Nettles for nearly four years. Both the founding partners of the private equity firm are industry veterans with over 30 years of experience in the financial service sector and fintech industry and have worked closely together on multiple instances during their long career prior to founding Guru Capital. Ryan Nettles has been an active executive and member of senior management at Swissquote since 2010. He joined the banking giant as one of its vice directors and went on to become head of FX sales which back then was located in the bank’s Zurich office.


At time of resignation from Swissquote last month, Mr. Nettles had been serving as the Head of e-FX trading, a post which he had held for nearly 7 years having taken up the role back in 2012 and was part of the Swissquote family for more than a decade. Prior to his tenure at Swissquote, Mr. Nettles served various fintech and brokerage firms such as Rous Technology SIA, Varengold Bank AG and Commerce Bank. Post his resignation from Swissquote, his role as Head of e-FX trading has been assigned to Stephane J Marie who had been serving under Mr.Nettles during majority of his tenure at the firm. Prior to being promoted, Stephane Marie was serving in capacity of Head of FX dealing Operations for more than 8 years.

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