Bay of Plenty Women Urged to Take Financial Investing Power into their Qwn Hands


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Bay of Plenty Women Urged to Take Financial Investing Power into their Qwn Hands

August 30, 2019

FMA investingThere is a large investing gap in New Zealand between men and women. As Mary Holm, one of New Zealand’s most trusted money experts says, “In many ways women are better investors than men. So how come we often end up with lower savings?”

There are many reasons why women are less confident with investing, says Financial Markets Authority (FMA) Manager of Investor Capability Gillian Boyes. “Research shows that women are more cautious due to lack of knowledge and confidence so we’ve created an event to talk with women about this.”

To learn how to become a more active investor, women of all ages are invited to a free event on Tuesday 10 September at the Mount Maunganui Surf Club from 5:30 – 7:30pm. Attendees will hear from Mary Holm and can ask any burning questions they may have about their investment options. The FMA is hosting the event as part of Money Week.

As well as tips on investing, risk and financial security specifically for women, there will also be an opportunity to hear from Jessica Shaw, a 27-year-old investor who will share her personal experiences on investing and how she became bolder in her investment choices.

Gillian Boyes will also share a range of useful FMA resources.

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