Intraday Liquidity Management

Exclusive Capital Ties up with FXCubic and Liquidity Connect to Improve Technology

Exclusive Capital, a CySEC- regulated company that provides multi-asset institutional services for clients, has announced its partnership with FXCubic and Liquidity Connect as it embarks on its journey to bolster its infrastructure.

FXCubic will provide bridge and aggregation solutions which will be used by Exclusive Capital to improve its liquidity as well as its pricing and execution. Liquidity Connect provides hosting and connectivity as it has servers within the famed LD4 and NY4 data centers which will provide reliable server hosting and low latency as well.

Chief Product Officer from Exclusive Capital commented, “Following a review of technology providers, we selected FXCubic because of its bridge functionality and the professionalism of the team. In particular, we were impressed by the added value features such as thematic symbol creation and copy trading. Its risk monitoring tools such as client risk profiling and automation on the Book will play a critical role in our overall risk management.

“Through FXCubic’s recommendation, we approached Liquidity Connect because of its 100% uptime guarantee and speed of execution. Liquidity Connect designed a strong and competitive hosting and connectivity solution, with servers in premier Equinix data centers. We have selected two best-in-class technology partners with a compelling offering and an in-depth understanding of our requirements. We value strong partnerships and will explore possibilities to connect to other platforms and use more features as we grow.”

Exclusive Capital would hope that these upgrades would help it to scale up its liquidity solutions as it targets institutional clients in the long run. Such clients would be looking for reliable connections and very low latency so that they can get the best pricing. Liquidity would also become very important for such clients as they would be looking for deep books that can sustain the order sizes irrespective of the market conditions.

Wassim Khateeb, Head of Business Development at FXCubic said, “Exclusive Capital is a premium multi-asset Prime Brokerage with great pricing, deep pools of liquidity, and thousands of instruments. They are a key client win for us, and we are excited to be partnering with them to assist them to achieve greater operational efficiency and through enhanced functionality, enable them to achieve their ambitious growth objectives.”

Many brokers are looking towards institutional clients to bolster their earnings as they realize that it is such kind of investors who would trade under any kind of market conditions while retail traders would be reluctant whenever there is heightened risk. This is the reason why we have been seeing brokers soliciting bigger investors with new upgrades and features.