Crypto Mobile App Aximetria Supports Euro-Backed Stablecoin EURS

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Crypto Mobile App Aximetria Supports Euro-Backed Stablecoin EURS

November 22, 2019

Aximetria - Euro-backed stablecoinThe fintech company, which offers a crypto-centric mobile finance app for exchange, remittances and passive investments, has announced support for EURS, a Euro-backed stablecoin. This will allow users to transfer EURS internationally without middlemen and use Aximetria’s growing marketplace to spend EURS tokens directly at over 100 merchants.

Aximetria customers will also be able to opt to spend their EURS with any debit card and use the Aximetria or another debit card to withdraw cash anywhere in the world. The firm’s recently released AxiDrop feature allows customers to transfer cryptocurrencies, traditional currencies or cryptocurrency converted from traditional currencies to any mobile phone number worldwide – whether the recipient already has cryptocurrencies or not, whether they have a crypto wallet or not – or even if they don’t as yet possess a bank account.

STASIS EURO (EURS) is a cryptocurrency token developed by the Maltese startup called STASIS, mostly comprised of Russian specialists and founded by Gregory Klumov. Some other important management team members are the CTO of the project – Anatoliy Knyazev, the CFO – Vyacheslav Kim and the CLO – Konstantin Orlov. The token was announced on July 31, 2018 to provide a digital asset linked to euro on a 1:1 basis. EURS token is not minable and has a market cap of $35 million.

Alexey Ermakov, CEO and founder at Aximetria, said: “Our goal is to make daily transactions, payments or savings instablecoins as easy and convenient for our customers as in any other currency. Aximetria users enjoy the safety, comfort and ease of use through a simple, convenient mobile application. It’s interesting to note that in some regions of Latin America, the interest to EURS is greater than to the GUSD.”

Gregory Klumov, Chief Executive Officer at STASIS, commented: “Changing the way stablecoins are accepted and used worldwide is the ultimate destination of the STASIS project. Our team is fully committed to the idea of not just providing the best possible solution to the digital asset industry for today’s needs – but creating a very layer that will make it possible to establish a solid foundation for the years to come.”

Aximetria offers a powerful link between fiat and crypto banking experiences. The firm previously integrated the Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Dollar, and would now like to announce their commitment to have a complete range of support for all popular stablecoins in calendar year 2019

Aximetria offers the zero-fee environment, i.e. no commission on exchange, remittances and savings. The company is committed to providing Swiss-level finance services to global consumers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Unlike European neo-banks offering traditional currencies only to Europeans, Aximetria continues to adhere to the policy of providing high-quality, stable and secure financial instruments globally. Adding EURS stablecoins is part of Aximetria’s universal approach to adoption — targeting Africa, Asia and Latin America, who otherwise have difficulty obtaining global fiat currencies.

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