EliData’s Smart Order Router Integrates QuantHouse Market Data

quanthouseQuantHouse has partnered with EliData, an Italian software house that develops trading and order routing applications for the financial markets, which will integrate QuantFEED market data into the EliData Smart Order Router (SOR). The integration has already been deployed by a tier-one financial institution in Spain.

QuantFeed normalizes and disseminates market data from more than 145 Exchange data feeds and delivers them to the EliData SOR using a single API. The integration will allow EliData and its end customers to benefit from unmatched levels of performance, and high-quality data normalization with single API connectivity, allowing customers to take advantage of emerging market data feeds as QuantHouse on-boards them.

Gilles Antoine, Business Development Director EMEA, QuantHouse, commented: “We are delighted to see a major financial institution in Spain benefit immediately from the EliData-QuantHouse tie-up. We consider Spain and Italy key markets and adding EliData as a local partner in Spain, Italy, and wider across into Europe helps bring more choice of order execution to traders in the region.”

Marco Connizzoli, CEO, EliData, said: “In an increasingly fragmented world, financial institutions need access to a wide range of venues and asset classes to execute their orders, and QuantHouse expands our reach beyond our existing set of venues and systematic internalizers. Our SOR was originally developed with MiFID I in mind and, over time, has been enriched to be MIFID II compliant, ensuring that our customers can meet their best execution requirements. We look forward to seeing more clients benefit from our collaboration with QuantHouse.”

In April 2020, QuantHouse completed the first phase of its infrastructure process automation program using cloud-based robot agents in order to be able to rapidly add resources to a number of their in-house processes with minimal human intervention, using widely adopted and secure cloud-native technologies that deliver automated deployment and monitoring tasks. This infrastructure process automation initiative also ensures that QuantHouse is well-positioned to expand easily into new markets that trade 24×7.

QuantHouse has recently opened its doors to real-time and historical data for cash cryptocurrency pairs through its single API via DVeX, an electronic digital asset exchange owned and operated by DV Chain, part of the DV Trading group of companies.

In late 2019, the firm launched Historical Data on-Demand designed to dramatically speed up the research, development, and backtesting phase of any trading strategy. While critical for successful trading, the research, development and backtesting phase has been a historically lengthy and onerous process as market participants have to identify data sources, align formats and code to those data sources, allocate storage capacity to download the necessary files and ultimately incorporate into their trading models to assess the viability of their trading strategy.

QuantHouse’s offering includes up to 10 years of historical data on-demand for the US, European and Asian-Pacific markets, available via a web portal and without the need to integrate an API. Historical data can be replayed over prior time periods with the results, then being refined and adjusted in order to optimise trading performance, according to the company’s announcement.