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dxFeed Adds Crypto Reference Data From Lukka

July 11, 2020

dxFeed has partnered with Lukka, a leading blockchain-native software and data services company, to include Lukka Reference Data and Lukka Prime into the growing portfolio of dxFeed specialized data products.

As traditional players look to add digital assets to existing investment portfolios, the partnership will allow dxFeed to come forward with two relevant data packages for their clients:

Lukka Reference Data, a comprehensive security master of ticker and pair data for crypto tokens and derivatives, which also includes mappings to over 90 trading venues and covers many thousands of digital assets. This will allow customers to reduce the operational costs by automatically maintaining and updating the data on a daily basis.

Lukka Prime, a Fair Market Value (FMV)-based pricing service for digital assets, is designed to align to GAAP and IFRS guidelines by providing fiat values for crypto balances based on an executed price from a suggested principal market.

Lukka’s software and data solutions are primarily used to transform and enrich confusing blockchain data into easy-to-use information that can support important business operations, such as financial and regulatory reporting. These capabilities will now extend through dxFeed’s popular suite of data offerings, in order to provide institutional players with reliable pricing and reference data to support critical investment operations.

Robert Materazzi, Co-CEO of Lukka, said: “We are thrilled to partner with a global data leader such as dxFeed to redistribute Lukka’s data products as the traditional financial services world intersects with the digital assets industry. As businesses and investors continue to evaluate and grow their trading and investing to include digital assets, we’re focused on giving them products that have standards that they can trust.”

Oleg Solodukhin, Chief Executive Officer of dxFeed, commented: “With major industry players entering the crypto market, overall non-stop development of the sector and volatile conditions with new assets emerging every day, certified reliable reference data and pricing solutions are becoming an essential need. Lukka is the trusted and certified source that puts all that information in order.”

Earlier this year, fxFeed joined the oneZero EcoSystem to start delivering market data through the distribution network featuring over 200 makers and takers. The low latency dxFeed data for multiple asset types (Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, rolling futures, indices, commodities) have a high resolution and the firm offers custom data packages.

dxFeed provides market data and data management solutions for online brokerages, exchanges, benchmarking agencies, prop traders, financial websites, and startups. Brokers can request this data to be streamed in real-time, or order historical, delayed, charting aggregated or calculated data. dxFeed calculated data includes cryptocurrency indices, custom indices based on client’s formulas and ideas, and custom calculations for existing industry indices.

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