Estonia-based DX.Exchange Appoints Amedeo Moscat as Head of its Retail Division

Amedeo Moscato, DX.Exchange Head of Retail Division
Amedeo Moscato, DX.Exchange Head of Retail Division

DX.Exchange, the fully EU regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia has announced the appointment of Amedeo Moscat as the head of its Retail Division. A Digital Marketing veteran with experience in managing startups in the field of Blockchain and fintech community, Amedeo joins the company from Soho Media Ltd, a company he founded and worked for almost six years.

Mr Amedeo Moscat joins the role in DX.Exchange effective immediately and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr Amedeo Moscat started his career in 1998 with Global Net Television Ltd. as a Junior Business Development Manager. From there on he went on to lead many senior level positions including as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Soho Media Ltd., the company he founded in 2012 in Israel specialising as a Digital Marketing Agency looking after PR, media buy, affiliate, content, mobile and social marketing. It also has a blockchain brand dedicated to the crypto industry known as Behind the Block. Before that, he was involved with OUNA as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a shorter duration of time period. OUNA is an innovative platform for employee assessment and recruitment platforms and is based on the blockchain technology.

Estonian Ministry of Economic AffairsHis most notable position was at London Capital Group as Global CMO & CEO at LCG Digital Israel shuttling between UK and Israel. During his time, he established and managed the Israel branch of the company and has also built and managed the global marketing team of the company. He has also held senior roles at PlayTech,, Wintage Media Ltd., and The Nation Traffic.

DX.Exchange is regulated by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication and is being built on NASDAQ’s Matching technology. The exchange allows both retail and professional clients to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies with Fiat and also allow conversion of cryptocurrencies back to Fiat for the withdrawal purpose.