DriveWealth Brings Fractional Investing to Templum’s Alternative Asset Marketplace

DriveWealth has partnered with Templum to enable alternative asset marketplaces to deliver transparency and liquidity to investors with a frictionless end-to-end trading and brokerage solution.

Templum is an infrastructure for alternatives and private securities and will leverage DriveWealth’s brokerage solution which includes clearing and custody capabilities to complement Templum’s trade matching, order management, risk and surveillance, market data, and Alternative Trading System (ATS).

Bob Cortright, Chief Executive Officer at DriveWealth, commented: “Our partnership with Templum will transform the alternative assets industry for issuers and investors. We’re excited to work with a team that shares our mission of democratizing access to a broad range of new investments.”

Christopher Pallotta, CEO of Templum, said: “DriveWealth is a complementary partner to Templum as we both offer tech-forward solutions to trade alternative assets. Our joint product offering enables clients to quickly launch their own unique marketplaces with a single, integrated solution and proven regulatory framework.”

Accelerating the growth and accessibility of the alternative asset ecosystem, Templum allows companies to offer fractional investing in alternative assets such as private equity, limited partnerships, real estate, collectibles, art, commodities, and debt products.

A research study conducted by Preqin has found that the alternative investments vertical has seen significant growth over the past year, with AUM of $11.5 trillion as of June 2020, with sports memorabilia making headlines.

Fractional trading democratizes investing so buyers can purchase small stakes in digitized assets that are otherwise too costly.