Digital Asset Appoints Robin Liebowitz as Chief Marketing Officer

Digital Asset, creators of blockchain application platform Daml, has appointed Robin Liebowitz as Chief Marketing Officer, Craig Blitz as Chief Product Officer, and Derek Henninger as Chief Technology Officer.

The addition of these three c-suite executives is consistent with the company’s recent growth momentum as the firm’s workforce increases to more than 180 employees.

Emnet Rios, COO and CFO at Digital Asset, said: “Any strong organization is built on a foundation of talented professionals, and our employees have certainly helped fuel this most recent period of growth. By strengthening our roster and expanding our executive team with Robin, Craig, and Derek, we’ve set ourselves up to continue on this trajectory for the foreseeable future.”

Craig Blitz and Derek Henninger joined Digital Asset from Lightbend in 2020 and Robin Liebowitz joined the firm from Amazon Web Services in June 2021.

Earlier this year, Digital Asset raised more than $120 million in Series D funding from 7RIDGE and Eldridge in order to expand globally.

The firm also partnered with Nasdaq to enable Daml-driven applications on the Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform, so customers are able to build application logic in Daml to manage new types of assets, such as environment, social and governance (ESG) certificates, real estate, precious metals, and others.

Digital Asset has signed deals with a number of companies, including Xpansiv (which will use Daml to build its infrastructure), Baymarkets (to launch new digital asset marketplaces on a fully compliant, end-to-end exchange platform), Broadridge (who went live with its Distributed Ledger Repo platform powered by Daml and VMware Blockchain), and LiquidShare (who will use Daml for its blockchain-based post-trade platform).

Yuval Rooz, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Asset, said: “The expansion of Daml’s reach into additional exchanges and marketplaces serves as key milestones in our journey to create the global economic network of interconnected businesses. We’re just starting to scratch the surface of opportunities and we’re thrilled for what’s in store for the rest of the year.”