Criptonite Partners with Wave Financial for Asset Management

Criptonite, an innovative wealth management firm based out of Switzerland, has announced a strategic partnership with Wave Financial, a digital asset management, for combining together their strengths in building their asset management business.

The focus nowadays is to mix the old with the new and find the right balance so that it is loved by the users. In the financial services sector, it is a mix of traditional banking along with the new age digital assets that seems to be the rage at this time. We are seeing many banks and other financial firms trying to do this in recent times and this is one more attempt from 2 asset management firms to achieve this.

“Both our companies were founded with a similar focus on private investors’ needs and share a strong conviction that crypto investments must be treated with the same level of risk and investment management rigour as traditional assets,” says Florian Rais, CEO, and Founder of Criptonite. “There was an immediate connection because we speak the same language, share the same vision and our offerings certainly have parallels. All in all, I’m very excited about our new strategic partnership”.

Criptonite focuses on promoting digital assets to investors and looks at this as a means of helping private investors gain a foothold into a form of investment that is growing and is likely to yield great results in the future.Wave financial has over $500 million in assets and it has been a go-to partner for many asset management companies that continue to work with traditional investing and want to shift to the new asset class.

“We help people make rational decisions,” continued Rais. “I regard the growth within the digital assets ecosystem as a transformational phenomenon. As this asset class has grown very rapidly, many traditional asset and wealth managers are increasingly seeking assistance from outside specialists to help service their clients’ crypto investment needs. Both Criptonite and Wave recognise the growing interest amongst traditional investors who want to participate in this new asset class”.

This partnership is expected to present the best of both worlds for the clients of the companies.