Corvil to Provide Analytics Capabilities to Seed CX’s Digital Asset Exchange

CorvilCorvil will provide visibility across Seed CX’s multiple client access options (including colocated cross-connects, VPN access, and web-based access through AWS infrastructure) and proprietary binary protocol.

Seed CX, a leading digital asset exchange, chose Ireland-based network data analytics firm Corvil to deliver the timely intelligence required to assure the performance and client experience of its robust service.

Seed CX’s execution and settlement ecosystem for trading digital assets wants to address the growing number of institutional investors who are joining the digital asset market, according to new research from Fidelity Investment.

The rapidly evolving asset class is likely to be the target of further investment in the coming five years, and Seed CX wants to be at the epicenter, offering deeper markets, better security, and broader capabilities for settling trades, facilitating cross-border payments, and margin trading.

In order to do that, the digital asset exchange requires operational excellence, market safeguards, best-in-class FIX infrastructure and dedicated support required to institutionalize this asset class. Corvil came as the natural choice for its depth and ability to examine the full lifecycle of each client order, analyze client execution and correlate trade outcomes with underlying technology performance.

This will allow Seed CX to offer what institutional investors look for: trust, customer responsiveness, and flexibility, which historically lacks in retail platforms. By providing visibility across Seed CX’s multiple client access options and proprietary binary protocol, the exchange’s support teams are able to understand technology infrastructure and trading behavior as it happens.

Edward Woodford, Co-founder & CEO of Seed CX, commented:

“Corvil’s best-in-class technology provides the insight required to monitor, analyze and optimize our dynamic environment. Through this enhanced analysis of orders, execution, infrastructure, and market data, Corvil helps us deliver the performance, responsiveness, and reliability standards our clients now expect.”

Adam Leaman, Head of Market Operations at Seed CX, added:

“In deploying Corvil, we are integrating the de facto industry standard technology on which many of our clients already rely, allowing us to focus on delivering new features, stability, and a better quality product instead of developing bespoke internal tools.”

Corvil’s solution delivers real-time insight into each client’s order execution and latency, searchable by member firm, order type or security, enabling Seed CX to provide an enhanced level of transparency back to its clients.

David Murray, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Corvil, said:

“We are delighted Seed CX has selected Corvil to assist in meeting institutional investors’ demands for a more evolved digital asset service and client experience. We are proud that Corvil’s unique, real-time analysis of infrastructure, clients, and execution continue to be valuable and vital to the optimal delivery of electronic financial markets transactions across asset classes and investor segments.”