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Invast Global Expands Suite of Index & Commodity CFDs Ahead of 2020

 Invast Global - CFDsThe multi-asset prime broker has expanded the suite of Index & Commodity CFDs by releasing two new Cash Oil CFDs; Brent Crude Oil (Cash) and WTI Crude Oil (Cash) as well as 6 new Equity Index CFDs; Japan 225 (USD settled), US 2000, Netherlands 25, Swiss 20, India 50 and the Taiwan Index.

The expansion of their offering addresses a shift from their global broker client base, according to Invast Global, who has been growing in 2019 with multiple new offerings across a range of asset classes. More product releases are scheduled for 2020.

James Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer at Invast Global, commented: “It is no secret that FX volumes have been impacted significantly across the industry this year. As a result, we are seeing enormous demand for access to new products and asset classes from our broker clients, to diversify their revenue and have an edge over their competitors.”

Over the past 2 weeks, average spreads of WTI Crude Oil (WTC/USD) and Brent Crude Oil (BRC/USD) have been consistent at USD 0.016 and USD 0.017, respectively, the broker states.

In October, Invast Global launched a fully integrated API solution for brokers incorporating both market data and exchange execution for thousands of Single Stock CFDs, utilizing Cboe market data for U.S. and European equities. This provides access to live exchange pricing and leveraged, long/short execution capability via Direct Market Access (DMA), to some of the world’s most liquid CFD markets. Market data reporting is also streamlined, with Invast acting as the vendor of record to our broker clients.

The Australia-based prime broker has recently appointed a new Director for its prime brokerage services. Former Rugby player and commentator Rod Kafer joined the firm after being Managing Director for two of the firms co-founded by him for a total duration of more than 9 years.

In March 2019, Invast Global chose OneMarketData’s OneTick Surveillance solution to better face the increased regulatory requirements and pressures now placed on financial services firms. The product’s integrated web dashboard is designed for an efficient review of surveillance alerts, rapid examination of new alerts and for assigning, reviewing, annotating and archiving them to meet compliance obligations.

Earlier this year, the broker opened a new Hong Kong office in order to address growing client demand in the face of restrictive global financial reforms. The Hong Kong team is made of 6 people with a strong understanding of the local landscape and is headed by local multi-lingual technology specialist Marcus Fung, who is a senior executive at Invast since 2013.