Centroid launches MetaTrader 5 risk-management for FX brokers

MetaTrader 5Centroid Solutions, a leading-edge risk management technology solution for FX brokers, announced the launch of a portfolio of upgraded risk-management solutions that are fully-compatible and synchronize seamlessly with the MetaTrader 5 platform.
As the industry increasingly demands fully-automated, risk-management technologies, Centroid Solutions’ new products will help brokers navigate with more efficiency in the fast-paced capital markets. Built with an emphasis on real-time data analytics and the complete automation of risk-management processes, these risk-management solutions can significantly improve the broker’s performance from an operational, technological, and financial perspective.
Ziad Aboujeb, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Centroid Solutions, commented: “Our company operates based on three main pillars – advanced technology, constant research and optimized risk-management features. We want to empower MetaTrader 5 brokers and help them to enhance their company performance, manage business transparency and ensure regulatory governance. Therefore, we offer a fully-fledged, business-integration technology that supports their efforts in that direction.”
Ziad Aboujeb, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Centroid Solutions
Ziad Aboujeb, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Centroid Solutions

Centroid’s single framework provides various dynamic features and metrics to help manage their existing risk exposure, test and implement through advanced algorithms an optimized hybrid model, and access competitive liquidity.

Centroid’s risk-management products for MetaTrader 5 have been divided across four modules:
Centroid 24 (C24) for advanced risk-management
C-Simulation for optimizing the hybrid model through dynamic testing
C-Reporting for regulatory and business reports
C-Connect as a connectivity bridge to access liquidity
Centroid’s mission is to help FX brokers achieve high performance in such a competitive environment with fast-paced technology developments and a demanding regulatory framework. Centroid serves as a fundamental complement to MetaTrader, enabling brokers to:
Monitor & analyze risk exposures in real-time (portfolio, asset class, instrument, client, and trade data using a rich set of risk metrics)
Monitor & analyze P/L in real-time (allocation between A, B, and C Books)
Simulate total company performance in the event of ‘What-If’ stress-cases on price movements of different instruments
Simulate total company performance, including B book, based on a choice of filters applied to past trading data
Flag unusual trading activities
MetaTrader 5 is an institutional multi-asset trading platform offering technical analysis tools and enabling the use of automated trading. Designed by market leader MetaQuotes, MT5 has been pushed to the market to replace MetaTrader 4, probably the most popular trading software ever.

Earlier in 2018, MetaQuotes finally announced it would stop selling MetaTrader 4 to new customers. The decision prompted technology solutions providers to increase their focus on MT5.