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Cboe Global Markets Witnesses Solid Growth Across All Segments in 2018

cboeCboe Global Markets has published its trading volume metrics for the month of December 2018 and full year of 2018 on Monday. Cboe Global is one of the largest exchange holding companies in the world and has registered record FX volumes in 2018.

In the full year, all four of Cboe Global Markets’ options exchanges Cboe, C2, BZX and EDGX had a combined average daily volume of 7.87 million contracts, which is an all-time high level and is also 13 per cent higher compared to 2017 figures.

The options trading volume totalled 1.98 billion contracts in 2018, a growth of 13.8 per cent compared to 2017 figures. The total trading volume in December was also up by 21.1 per cent on yearly basis to reach 165.2 million contracts.

During the year, the trading volume for global foreign exchange across Cboe also reached an all-time high level with average notional value coming in at $37.4 billion. This is 24 per cent higher compared to 2014 volumes of $30.1 billion, which held the previous record. Compared to 2017 figures, the average notional value is 26.6 per cent higher. The total notional value for global forex in 2018 came in at $9.68 billion, which is also 26 per cent higher compared to 2017 figures.

In December, the trading volumes came less than the expected with the total notional value falling by 12.5 per cent compared to the previous month but is still 7.6 per cent higher on an annual basis.

The Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE), registered a record ADV of 300,036 contracts which is 1.8 per cent higher year-on-year and in respect to the total volume which came in at 75.6 million contracts and it is 2.2 per cent higher.

Global Clearing House, LCH Group Posts Record Volumes in 2018

cboeGlobal clearing house LCH on Monday released its 2018 volume details across its clearing services at LCH Ltd and LCH SA. The company closed the year with a record surge in volumes with Equities, Fixed Income, and OTC derivatives clearing services all crossed the 2017’s clearing activity.

LCH’s FX-Derivative clearing service Forex Clear registered a record volume in 2018, clearing over $17 trillion in notional value and is up by 55 per cent compared to 2017.

LCH’s Interest Rate derivatives clearing services, SwapClear processed over $1,077 trillion in notional value, which is an increase of 23 per cent year on year, and also for the first time it has cleared $1 quadrillion in one year.

CDSClear also recorded €1.2 trillion in notional value processed across its CDS index and single names offering. It is 12 per cent higher compared to 2017 full year volumes.

RepoClear, the cash bond and repo trade clearing services have cleared the largest nominal amount in its history with €197 trillion cleared across LCH Ltd and LCH SA. It is up from 13 per cent compared to 2017 volumes.

LCH’s Equity Clear service also had good growth during the year,  with 1.15 billion trades cleared at LCH Ltd, setting a new record. The growth was mostly driven by expansion in services in the Nordic region and in Spain and onboarding of new clearing members.

Speaking on the record 2018 volumes growth, Daniel Maguire, CEO, LCH Group said:

“2018 was a strong year of delivery and innovation at LCH, where we have continued to work in partnership with our customers on an open access basis to further expand our products and services. We are extremely pleased with the traction and volume records we have seen across multiple services across both our CCPs, in Paris and London. We continue to provide our global customers with certainty and risk management expertise, and we look forward to continuing to build services and products further, in collaboration with our members and clients, in 2019 and beyond.”