Adds 20 More Crypto Tokens to Its Platform, the broker that is regulated across multiple jurisdictions, has announced that it has added 15 more crypto tokens to its platform which its users would be able to trade in.

This increases their cryptocurrency offering which already has all the famous cryptos including Bitcoin, Etherereum, Ripple, and others as well. The currently available options include Tezos, Aave, Stellar, Chainlink, and Dash. The current offering includes cryptos that are pretty famous in the Latin American region as the broker now has been growing steadily in the region over the last several months.

“We are excited to take this giant step,” remarked Christina Koullapi, Executive Director at Key Way Investments Ltd., the company operating under its CySEC regulation. “We’ve put a lot of thought into our new crypto asset list, and each coin that is now on it has undergone careful research and screening beforehand. We wanted to grant as many options as possible to our traders, so they can fulfill their potential on one hand, while avoiding ones that are not credible enough on the other – and we believe we’ve succeeded in that.” had raised $21 million a few weeks back in a funding round that was led by Growth Box Ventures and other investors as well. The company holds licenses in several jurisdictions that include Cyprus (CySEC), South Africa, Seychelles, and Abu Dhabi as well and the broker is looking to expand its team and spread its reach to new markets across the globe.

The broker already has a strong presence in Europe as it looks to expand with Asia and Africa next. Latin America also seems to be growing as a strong region for the company and the next few upgrades and features would likely be tuned towards the liking of the users over there. This region has come under the attention of not only but also other brokers as well with the tight restrictions in the US making it very difficult for FX brokers to expand over there. So, now they have started looking towards countries like Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil for the next wave of growth, and these regions are known to favor crypto trading due to the volatility that it offers. This region and Africa are likely to be the prime target for the brokers in the coming months as they look to expand.