Stellar Operational Performances Reported Across Brokerages and Exchanges in the Month of May 2018

After two calm months (March-April) of forex trading activities compared to January and February, the brokers and exchanges around the globe have witnessed strong operational performances in the month of May 2018, supported by strong market volatility.

Cboe FX MarketsCboe FX Markets

The institutional spot FX platform has disclosed a total trading volume of $940.2 billion in the month of May. The May 2018 figure is 23 percent higher month-over-month from $762.9 billion in April 2018 and 45 percent higher when compared year-over-year against $647.2 billion in May 2017.

The average daily volume during the month came in at $40.9 billion, which is 12.4 percent higher month-over-month from $36.3 billion and 45 percent when compared against $28.1 billion a year earlier.‎

The most active trading pairs during the month were EUR/USD at 27.7 percent, USD/JPY at 12.6 percent, GBP/USD at 8.1 percent, AUD/USD at 7.4 percent, and USD/CAD at 6.5 percent.

FX SpotStream

FXSpotStream LLC, the aggregator service of LiquidityMatch LLC has posted robust operational performance, as the trading volumes setting the second ‎highest ever on record in May 2018.

During the month, the volumes totalled $645.4 billion, averaging a daily trading volume of $28.06 billion, which is slightly lower than the February 2018 peak of $28.8 billion. Across the yearly interval, the May 2018 ADV is 60 percent higher compared to May 2017 volumes.

The total volumes in the May 2018, increased 25.2 percent compared to April 2018 metrics and 60.8 percent compared to May 2017 metrics. The year till now has been very positive for the brokerage house, reporting almost close to 50 points percentage growth in trading volume compared to previous year.


The institutional Fx platform of GAIN Capital which it hived off to Deutsche Boerse’s 360T for $100 million, has reported best-ever month, setting record trading volumes in May 2018.

The total volume in the month of May was reported at $385.5 billion, surpassing previous high of $322.7 billion that was set in February 2018. During the month, the average daily volume was reported at $16.8 billion, higher than $16.1 billion, that was reported in February 2018. Also, the venue reported record daily volume of $26.8 billion on May 29th, breaking previous best of $25.9 billion set on February 6 this year.

IC MarketsIC Markets

ASIC licensed and Australia based IC Markets has achieved a stellar operational performance in the month of May 2018 and breaking into the $400 billion regions. During the month of May, IC Markets reported the total trading volume of a record $447 billion, an increase of over 30 percent (over $100 billion) compared to its previous best of  $343 billion set in August 2017.

The average daily trading volume during the month was $19.4 billion, an increase of 24 percent compared to the average of Q1-2018 from $15.6 billion.

Commenting on robust growth of operations, IC Markets Director, Angus Walker commented:

“The continued surge in IC Markets trading volumes comes as a result of the success of our customer first strategy.”