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Broctagon Partners with Spotware to Offer cTrader White Labels

According to a press release, leading Fintech and trading solutions company Spotware has partnered with Broctagon Fintech Group to expand White Label services. Broctagon, which has a global presence in 7 countries across Europe and Asia, will combine their liquidity products with cTrader’s White Label, fully-equipped with market-ready offerings.

Broctagon offers innovative turnkey and premier trading solutions for hundreds of brokerages globally built upon ten years of experience in the traditional markets.

According to the press release, the partnership between cTrader and Broctagon takes the offering one stop further, allowing for the introduction of more sophisticated trading tools to the mass markets internationally. Brokerages can now leverage cTrader’s rich integrations seamlessly and with zero hassle by adopting Broctagon’s White Label solutions setup.

Don Guo, CEO of Broctagon Fintech Group commented on the announcement: “we are constantly striving to serve the financial markets better. With our stronghold in Asia, partnering with Spotware will allow us to be one of the only technology providers to offer the unique cTrader STP trading platform in the region and elevate the trading environment in the Asian markets with its mature ecosystem.”

Head of Business Development at Spotware, Alexander Geralis commented: “we are proud to declare Broctagon a specialist cTrader White Label provider – we believe that their growth mindset and global reach will serve to make cTrader White Labels even more widely available to brokerage businesses out there, while cTrader, in turn, will serve to expand Broctagon’s international client base”.

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