Blockpass Identity Lab Publishes Leading-Edge Research Papers in Blockchain & AI Tech for Healthcare, Human Resources & IoT Sectors

Blockpass Identity Lab, a leading unique reusable digital identity service provider revealed the publishing of several cutting edge research papers in its latest announcement. These are academic research papers which address various topics pertaining to blockchain and AI Tech for healthcare, human resources and IoT sectors which were written by members of the firm in recent weeks. The list of topics addressed and authors who wrote the research paper are mentioned below.

Ø A Distributed Trust Framework for Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning – exclusively published by BIL members and set to be presented at 17th international conference “TrustBus2020” in Bratislava, Slovakia – 14th – 17th September 2020. Authors who worked on paper – Lab Head William J. Buchanan OBE, Will Abramson, Owen Lo, Adam James Hall, Pavlos Papadopoulos and Nikolaos Pitropakis. The paper details a proof of concept using Hyperledger Aries, Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to establish distributed trust architecture during a privacy-preserving machine learning experiment. In particular, they make use of secure and authenticated DID communication channels to facilitate a federated learning workflow related to mental health care data. They also played in key role in research of “Privacy Preserving Passive DNS” which uses Hyperledger Fabric blockchain tech to store and retrieve data that supports the DNS database’s analysis and historic overview of data.

Ø Mr. Buchanan also authored two other papers “A Privacy Preserving Distributed Ledger Framework for Global Human Resource Record Management: The Blockchain Aspect” published on IEEE vol.8 -18th May 2020 issue and “CASCF: Certificateless Aggregated SignCryption Framework for Internet-of-Things Infrastructure” which has now been accepted for publication in a future issue of IEEE Access.

Speaking about the firm’s work on research papers, Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri said “The quality of work and research that continues to come out of the BIL and Edinburgh Napier University is nothing short of outstanding. These advances will lead to the development of privacy-focussed, user-centric solutions that can solve some of the big problems we face in our society. We at Blockpass look forward to working on products that leverage these advances to provide the most secure and robust identity management for users and businesses alike”. Commenting on same topic, Professor Buchanan added “We have repeatedly seen the danger of inadequate security and privacy measures in the wide range of data breaches and mishandling of data that we read about on a far-too regular basis. New technology and advanced cryptography hold the key to making sure our personal data and identities remain private. Working with Blockpass, we hope to continue working on and releasing more papers to advance this area.” The firm remains committed to goal of decentralized digital identity (DDID) via both ongoing updates to its mobile identity vault in iOS and Android app stores and its support for various ground breaking researches taking place at the Blockpass Identity Lab at Edinburgh Napier University. The firm’s product platform is cloud based fully automated service with no fee for integration and set-up process and can be used within minutes after business sign up for its KYC connect console. Those looking to try out the platform can sign up for free at