Roberto d'Ambrosio

Axiory CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio Named Best CEO in the Forex Brokerage Industry

Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) has announced the winners of its annual 2020 CEO Awards and has recognized Roberto d’Ambrosio, CEO of Axiory as Best CEO in the Forex (FX) Brokerage Industry’ in the 2020 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards for his outstanding work in the area.

The CEO Awards seek to highlight and “reward those individuals and companies most deserving in this very global and very challenging environment. They give a comprehensive analysis of the industry and a complete run through of the best of the best in terms of industry leaders”, according to Business Worldwide Magazine’s website.

In a press release issued to announce the award, the BWM stated that “the Awards seek to identify and honor the Most Respected C-level executives across the globe from a variety of different sectors.  The awards themselves do not focus on a company’s success, as many do, but the spotlight is on the success of individuals who make the corporations tick– namely senior executives such as CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors and senior-level management.

BWM added that “Roberto d’Ambrosio’s leadership style is one of openness, transparency and ethics, and has enabled the company to flourish even during the turbulent times of COVID-19.  The ability to respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances is a key factor in the markets, and Axiory is rising to the fore by delivering a “business as usual” service to clients during the pandemic. Flexible working has played an important part in this – something that Roberto has already championed.”

The broker headed by Mr. d’Ambrosio is based in Belize and has an authorised representative office in Dubai. The leading Forex broker is different because its commitment to ethical trading puts people first, delivering exceptional results in the process. Since its establishment in 2012, Axiory has become recognised globally with a unique business model which places its clients at the very centre of its whole strategy.

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