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Avelacom Offers Connectivity to Seed CX’s Digital Asset Exchange

AvelacomBoth Avelacom’s and Seed CX’s customers, including proprietary trading firms and hedge funds,  will be able to access Seed CX’s platform from across the globe.

Avelacom has partnered with Seed CX, the leading digital asset exchange built expressly for institutional investors, in order to gain access to Seed CX’s real-time market data and order-routing solutions.

The high-performance global connectivity and IT infrastructure provider for the financial services industry will now be able to meet global institutions’ desire to trade digital assets in a way they are used to from using traditional exchanges.

Seed CX offers a licensed exchange for institutional trading and settlement of spot digital asset products and plans to offer a market for CFTC-regulated digital asset derivatives.

Aleksey Larichev, Managing Director of Avelacom, commented:

“We began working in cryptocurrency in 2018 to respond to global institutional requirements. What we found were massive tech issues, such as low uptime, slow matching engines, insufficient support and platforms that are not friendly for latency and jitter sensitive applications. Seed CX is a true benchmark in the digital assets space. We are delighted to support this healthy ecosystem by providing our clients with low latency access to the digital asset space to facilitate trading at the highest standards.”

Adam Leaman, Seed CX Head of Market Operations, said:

“We are very excited to be working with Avelacom. This partnership will not only expand Seed CX’s global presence but also allow clients already leveraging Avelacom’s high-performance network to connect to our markets. It is our view that this and similar partnerships will aid in the adoption of digital assets by institutional investors.”

Avelacom’s IT infrastructure provides clients access to Seed CX’s digital asset liquidity points globally through its data centers at Equinix NY4/NY5.

Seed CX’s digital asset exchange was launched earlier this year, targeting Institutional investors who have held back from trading digital assets due to concerns about regulatory oversight, technical reliability, and conflicts of interest.
The company successfully raised $15 million from Bain Capital Investors in September 2018. The funding will be used to expand Seed CX’s physical trading infrastructure, broaden its network of institutional trading groups, and more than double its team to close to 40 people.