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AT Capital Markets ATFX

AT Capital Markets Appoints Two-Key Executives, Ramy Abouzaid and Reem Rabia to its Middle-East Team

July 12, 2018

AT Capital Markets (ATFX), the leading global forex brokerage group has announced the appointment of two key senior executives for its Middle East (UAE) office. The new appointees are Ramy Salah Mohamed Abouzaid, who has been given the role of  Financial Market Strategist for the UAE office and Reem Rabia who is joining as the Marketing Manager for the company.

Both with over a decade of experience in the financial market space will help the company in its expansion process. Prior to joining at ATFX, Ramy Abouzaid was part of a large-scale forex company in the UAE, working as a Chief Market Analyst and was responsible for client service through the latest market update. 

Reem Rabia is a very experienced marketing professional and has held positions in sales, advertising, communications and marketing. She has played a key role in the development of marketing teams for a range of companies present in the financial space. At ATFX, she will be responsible for the deployment of marketing strategies and tactics and drive the growth of the company’s UAE operation. She is also responsible for expanding the brand name in the Gulf Cooperation Council and wider Middle Eastern Market. 

Abouzaid while commenting on his new role, said:

“I think my experience can help me gain a keen understanding of factors influencing market movements in the Middle East. I will share my knowledge with others through my writings on a variety of professional financial news sites and provide education to Middle Eastern clients regarding Forex trading in the future.”

Reem Rabia
Reem Rabia

Rabia also commented on her new role with ATFX:

“I thrive on keeping up with the latest in marketing as it pertains to the FX industry [sic] with my integrated marketing experience and skill sets, I am confident we can capitalize on the ATFX brand as we innovate and grow.

For ATFX, it’s an important achievement as it will help in further strengthening the brand in the region and also help in fulfilling the company’s commitment to providing tailored, localised, multilingual services to its clients across the world. ATFX has carefully handpicked its international team of highly skilled and experienced financial professionals. The company issued a statement on the appointment of Mr Abouzaid and Mrs Rabia said:

“We are delighted that Ramy and Reem are bringing their vast experience to our team. They will be an asset for us, with the experience from both contributing deeply to ATFX.”

ATFX has been granted a license by Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) earlier in April and is now regulated by the FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority) in the Middle East. The company recently has named Ryan Tsui as CEO for ATFX’s UAE office.


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