AETOS Launches Copy Trading for FX and CFD

AETOS Capital Group has launched its proprietary copy trading system available for both new and existing clients of the FX and CFD broker.

Social trading has picked up in recent years, with a particular hype earlier this year as the WallStreetBets reddit promised to take on Wall Street and successfully triggered a short squeeze on the Gamestop (GME) stock.

Copy-trading allows novice and not-so amateur traders to manage their portfolios by copying experts’ orders automatically.

Due to its inherent ability to share trading ideas and market information, social copy trading is widely accepted as an efficient and effective way to learn and master investment skills.

Under AETOS social copy trading system, investors are connected with expert peers, whose past trading performance/ROI, portfolio components, trading experience are fully transparent and presented visually and clearly.

By utilizing AETOS social copy trading system, followers can make their consideration and selection confidently by referring to a signal provider’s profile page.

AETOS offers the proprietary copy trading service complimentarily without extra cost, instead a featured profit-sharing scheme between followers and signal providers.

“As a trading service provider, we’ve seen a lot of such customers coming to us as a complete novice, but eager to diversify their investment portfolio as markets move. Those customers are easily overwhelmed by continuous bombardment of market news, and as a result struggle to build up practical and profitable trading strategies. There are lot of elements to learn and consider as that’s how investment works. We think the social copy trading is a good way for investors not only to learn profitable trading strategies but also master risk management by following the lead of professional investors. We are very glad to offer the social copy trading service as we believe it’s a great alternative way to help a beginner trader to eventually grow to be an investment guru”, said the AETOS Capital Group Chairman.

Copy trading benefits new market entrants by lowering the chance of failure. It is beneficial to mimic other traders’ transactions if you are new to the market and lack expertise. This will assist you in gaining an understanding of how the market operates.

When a trader is unable to comprehend the foreign exchange market’s mechanics and incurs losses, Copy Trading is their only option. Additionally, it may benefit from this instrument.

Due to the automated nature of CT transactions, investors have more time on their hands, since orders are made through specialized software. As a consequence, the strategy may be used for passive investment.

Advanced risk management occurs when investors examine a professional trader’s statistics, tactics, and other factors in order to determine if they are comfortable placing their money in the trader’s hands (also known as quantitative risk management).