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BTC Breaks Below 10,000, AUDUSD Retreats

September 19, 2019

Asian indices finished mixed today after the Bank of Japan kept interest rates unchanged while Fed delivered 25 bps cut as widely expected by markets. The oil price stabilized after the drone attack in Saudi Arabia oil facilities which will cut 5% of the world oil supply. The Hang Seng trading 1.21 per cent lower at 26,424,  the Shanghai Composite trading 0.05 per cent lower to 2,984, while in Singapore the FTSE Straits Times index finished 0,01 per cent lower at 3,166. The ASX 200 in Australia finished 0.70% higher at 6,728.

BOJ Keeps Rates Unchanged, GBPUSD Continues South

July 30, 2019

Asian stocks finished higher today as investors await the first interest rate cut in a decade from Fed and U.S. trade negotiators will likely visit China for their first face-to-face talk with Chinese officials since the G20 meeting.

Equities Rally on Dovish Central Banks

June 19, 2019

Asian indices finished higher today on dovish Central Banks ahead of Wednesday’s FOMC policy meeting. The Nikkei225 finished 1.72 percent higher to 21,333 the Hang Seng benchmark in Hong Kong, finished 2.29 percent higher at 28,136. The Shanghai Composite finished 1.19 percent higher to 2,922, while in Singapore the FTSE Straits Times index finished 1.47 percent higher to 3,286. Australian equities finished to fresh 11.5 year highs on Wednesday, with the ASX200 closed at 6648 after a gain of 1.2% or 78 points.

Yen attracts Bids as Trade War Intensifies

June 3, 2019

Asian indices started the week lower as President Trump vowed to impose a 5% tariff on Mexican imports and China blames the U.S. for the breakdown in trade talks and said it won’t back down. The Nikkei225 finished 0.92 percent lower to 20,410 below its 100-day moving average; the Hang Seng benchmark in Hong Kong finished 0.16 percent lower at 26,854.

China Retaliation Tariffs adds to Global Economic Uncertainty

May 14, 2019

Asian markets finished lower today and fell to a three-and-a-half month low approaching oversold levels as China announced it would impose higher tariffs on $60 billion of U.S. goods. The Nikkei225 lost 0.75 percent to 21,033. The Hang Seng benchmark in Hong Kong finished 1.43 percent lower at 28,135.

Post Holiday Market Is Seeing Mixed Activity in European Markets

April 24, 2019

Asian and European markets are seeing major benchmark indices, equities, and forex pairs fight to get rid of bearish influence as usual trading activity resumes post-Easter holidays. Profit booking activity ahead of Easter holidays had left most major assets drained of their gains as the trading session closed last week.

AUDUSD Under Pressure After Dovish RBA

April 16, 2019

Asian stocks finished higher to the highest level in nine months, as investors cheer upbeat beginning of the US earnings season. In Japan, the Nikkei225 main index added 0,32 percent to 22,238 the highest since December 4th, 2018, the Hang Seng benchmark in Hong Kong finished 0.68 percent higher at 30,007. Chinese stocks are rallying, with Shanghai Composite finishing 1.55 percent higher at 3,226, and in Singapore, the FTSE Straits Times index finished 0.16 percent higher at 3,329.

Global Markets Calm ahead of FOMC Meeting

March 19, 2019

Asia stocks finished almost flat today as traders awaited the U.S. Federal Reserve meeting later on Wednesday. In Japan, the Nikkei225 main index lost 0.08 percent to 21,566 and the Hang Seng benchmark in Hong Kong finished 0.19 percent higher at 29,466. The Shanghai Composite finished 0.18 percent lower at 3,090, while stocks in Australia has again seesawed in and out of negative territory, held back by losses in the Financial, IT, Healthcare and Energy sectors. Miners extended yesterday’s strong gains, buoyed by further strength in the price of iron ore. The ASX 200 closed down 5 points or 0.1% to 6,184.