SaxoBank Re-Enters Russian Market, Launches New Trading Platform SaxoTraderPro

Saxo BankThe Copenhagen based multi-asset brokerage group, Saxo Bank has launched its new trading platform, SaxoTraderPro, for the Russian market. This launch also marks the company’s return to the Russian market, from where it made its exit in 2016. The new trading platform first went live in April and was introduced to clients of Denmark and UK followed by the Asia-Pacific region and then other countries. 

SaxoTraderPro is completely a new platform and is based on group’s unique approach to the world of capital markets. The software operates using HTML5 technology is an advanced multi-screen trading platform that offers a fully customizable operating structure for both Windows and Mac without any monthly fees. With this latest offering, the group is mainly targeting institutional and active investors but is not limited to other clients.

The product launch in Russia signifies the group’s intent to reenter the Russian market after it pulled back from there in 2016, though it had not fully vacated the Russian market and had white label agreement with Sberbank and it deals with its clients through other offices. This time the group will not actively pursue the retail market in the country and will focus on institutional clients and professional investors. In other markets, SaxoTraderPro is supposed to replace the previous SaxoTrader platform.

Incidentally, the launch of SaxoTraderPro in Russia comes less than a week after Vitaly Butbaev returned to Saxo Bank who previously headed the Saxo Bank’s Moscow office and posses over a decade of experience working in Russia and the former Soviet states. 

Kim Fournais, CEO of Saxo Bank
Kim Fournais, CEO of Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank CEO and Founder Kim Fournais commented on the new platform: 

“We have been a financial-technology corporation long before the deadline for fines has ever been used. Our multi-asset trading and trading platforms have always been the foundation of Saxo Bank. We seek to democratize trade and provide investors with the same professional tools and market access as fund managers and large financial institutions. I am proud to have fulfilled our vision with the SaxoTraderPRO platform. Thanks to our scalable business model and outstanding technology, SaxoTraderPRO offers a free intuitive approach to tools and features that were previously reserved for a narrow band at considerable cost.”