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Education Provider BigBrainBank Launches AI Trading Signals

Asian fintech-edutech provider has announced the launch of a new app called “TheBrain” to provide customers with trading signals using AI-powered analytics and algorithmic trend monitoring. According to the company’s CEO, Brendon Yong, the app TheBrain – AI Trade Strategies is available on both Android and iOS app stores as well as desktop version. The app significantly helps both corporate and retail investors to improve their trading result through trade ideas, risk on risk off, backtester and a host of advanced features.

The company indicated that “the algorithmic system in also offers users extraordinary user interface and seamless navigation to extract important metrics in trend analysis and identify trade ideas with higher success rates and risk management measures in place.”

BigBrainBank also offers a learning platform that includes a professional and lucrative pathway for those who desire to establish careers in the currency marketplace while honing practical and applicable knowhow. The education system is embedded within a blended learning methodology that combines both offline and online learning with the flexibility of global learning mobility for international students and subscribers.

The company’s vision is to build a global ecosystem that focuses on financial literacy with an education platform that supports the capital markets, financial corporations and retail investors. BigBrainBank offers a complete depository of artificial intelligence-driven analytics and financial education. The team behind BigBrainBank, called  Bonjour Technology Sdn Bhd has been involved in the industry since 2005 while was set up in 2018. BigBrainBank is a certified education provider of the Financial Commission, a self-regulatory external dispute resolution organization for FX and CFD traders.

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