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The United States, Japan, and the Global Economy

November 4, 2019

More broadly, beyond bilateral linkages, economic conditions in United States and Japan are tightly linked to global economic developments, and today I will discuss several of the global factors that are relevant to the outlook for both economies

Friedrich Hayek and the Price System

November 4, 2019

At “The Road to Serfdom at 75: The Future of Classical Liberalism and the Free Market” Ninth Annual Conference of the William F. Buckley, Jr., Program at Yale, New Haven, Connecticut

European Equities Decline on Earning Cues, FOMC Meeting In Focus

October 30, 2019

Wall Street closed on a positive note last night over comments from President Trump who said he expected China and the USA to sign a significant part of the trade deal ahead of schedule. This caused Wall Street indices to close at all-time highs.

Asian market followed cue from Wall Street and traded on a positive note with several key indices scaling fresh three month highs on renewed trade optimism. However, the European market saw contradicting price action as major indices and key stocks declined over earnings influenced cues. Further, caution among global investors ahead of upcoming Fed interest rate decision meetings also dampened risk appetite, resulting in dovish price action. In the forex market, expectations for stimulus measures from the FOMC in upcoming policy decision meetings helped USD gain strength resulting in mixed price action among major global forex currency pairs. 

U.S. Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy

October 22, 2019

U.S. economy is in a good place and outlook favorable. The median expectation from Summary of Economic Projections is for GDP to be around 2 percent in ’19.