MonetaGo Start-up Expands in APAC with New Milestones

MonetaGo, the start-up using blockchain technology to fight fraud and inefficiencies in financial workflows, has gained fresh momentum in its APAC expansion, according to its latest press release. The company has announced that it has reached over 1 million transactions in India as it simultaneously signed up five new customers to its service. The company has also made several key new hires in its Singapore office to boost its efforts.

MonetaGo opened its Singapore office last month and appointed industry veteran, Neil Shonhard, as managing director. Neil’s appointment is followed by the addition of two new hires at senior management level: Natalia Feshakova, as Head of Strategy and Sales, and Vince Acors as Head of Business Development. Vince and Natalia will focus solely on the APAC region.

Natalia brings with her ten years’ experience for incumbent banks, including Credit Agricole, as well as for major blockchain firms. She is a recognized expert in blockchain solutions for trade finance.

Vince has over twenty years of experience leading businesses into emerging technologies and has represented some of the world’s most recognised Telecoms and Media sports brands. He joins MonetaGo from Sprint Mobile Singapore, where he served as Managing Director.

At the same time, The start-up has also onboarded five new clients in India – all in the alternative finance space – to its Secure Finance solution, which enables SMEs to access finance more quickly and securely. The pandemic has had a mixed impact on APAC countries, with India’s economy being hit particularly hard, and others thriving in a quest to digitise in the face of uncertainty.

Jesse Chenard, MonetaGo CEO, said in a press release: “Many countries in the APAC region are now recognized as trailblazers in the adoption of blockchain technology and the quest for digital transformation. So, it makes complete sense for us to grow our team and client base over there. Despite this year bringing unprecedented challenges to all businesses, it is a testament to the strength of our proposition that we have been able to actually grow and diversify during this time. We look forward to expanding further into APAC and beyond in the future.” 

MonetaGo’s push to expand its offering across Asia will enable those countries that are digitising to accelerate their mission, and help those that are struggling to level up across the region. Fintech offers blockchain-led solutions to fight fraud in real time across trade finance, corporate issuance, and financial workflows.

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