Gaitame Reverses the January Trend, Reports Weakest Transactional Volumes Since 2017

gaitameJapanese forex brokerage giant, Gaitame published its second monthly trading volumes data, reporting weakest transactional volumes since 2017. Despite a strong surge in trading volume in January, the brokerage house reported reversal in trend.

In February, the total number of accounts opened was 2828 accounts, bringing in total to 482,866 by the end of the month. Compared to the previous month, the increase is marginal at 0.6 per cent. In January, the brokerage opened a total 3,291 new accounts to reach 480,038 which is 0.7 per cent higher compared to the December month.

The transactional volumes during the month were ¥145.7 billion ($1.3 billion), which is 46.5 per cent lower compared to transactional volume in January at ¥272.2 billion. It is also lowest compared to more than a year from December 2017. The January’s transactional volume is 62.29 per cent more than that achieved in December 2018, and this is also the highest monthly transactional volume to be recorded since February 2016.

On yearly timeframe, the February 2019 volumes are 43 per cent lower from at ¥255.8 billion in February 2018. Although steep decline reported in transactional volume, the deposit amount managed to increase to ¥109.95 billion in February 2019, up from ¥109.5 billion in January ( a slight increase of 0.4 per cent).

Kabu Reports Slight Increase in Monthly Revenue in February

Another Japanese online securities broker, Kabu, the subsidiary of MUFJ has managed to record a slight uptick in revenue in February 2019. During the month, the revenue generated from brokerage commission came in at ¥554 million ($4.98 million), which is 20.2 per cent higher compared to the previous month from ¥461 million.

In the brokerage commission, the stock and equity trading contributed the most. The net operating revenue in the month of February 2019 came in at ¥1.269 billion, which is 3.5 per cent or ¥43 million higher compared to the previous month.

Market making, the group’s largest revenue making source also managed to post a healthy uptick of 9.1 per cent to ¥649 million from ¥595 million in January. Trading gains during the month came in at ¥69 million, up by 56.8 per cent compared to the previous month.