Why the Right Business Advice is Crucial to Your Brokerage

iTech Software offers brokerage firms a comprehensive package that includes support to launch, scale and grow for long-term success.

Anyone that has opened a brokerage over the last few years will tell you that there’s much more to it than just offering traders an online platform. iTech Software understands the challenges faced by brokers at every step of their journey – from start up to global expansion. iTech team have developed a suite of technological tools specifically designed for brokers but what’s more, the company offers expert advice for every stage of their development.

With over 10 years of experience and deep insights into the needs of brokerages today, iTech Software’s team of industry experts offer a comprehensive package to help first-time brokers put the correct foundations in place to power their launch and future growth. The package includes expert advice on company registration and licensing, integrations with third-party providers, CRM management, website, trading platform, and affiliate marketing network.

Common Challenges Faced by Brokerage Firms

The challenges of launching a brokerage go far beyond choosing the right technology to provide online trading services. Some of the most common hurdles brokers face include:

  • Regulations: The ever-changing regulatory landscape is made more complex with the varying guidelines issued by different nations. Regulatory bodies worldwide have made their guidelines for financial services providers increasingly stringent.
  • Technology Infrastructure: Brokers need powerful back-office technology (CRM), security, and partner solutions to provide seamless client experiences, and ensuring effortless trader and partner management.
  • Building Trust & Marketing: In the intensely competitive financial sector, it is not easy to differentiate one’s offerings from the competition, while ensuring regulatory compliance in all marketing initiatives.
  • Growth & Expansion: Brokerages need technology that is easily scalable to accommodate growing client numbers or expansion to new geographies.

These are compelling reasons why brokers need the right partner to help guide them through the complex landscape of setting up a brokerage. iTech Software’s iLaunch is a comprehensive solution that enables brokers to get their business rolling in just one week from signing.

The One-Stop Broker Solution

The experienced professionals at iTech Software have put together a brokerage package that addresses all these challenges and more. The company is committed to supporting broker success with the help of the latest technology tools. iTech Software takes the time to meet with every new client to gain an in-depth understanding of their business needs, expectations, and deficits. With this detailed business consulting session, the company is able to offer customised advice, support, and technology solutions.

Some of the key components of the brokerage package are:


iTech Software offers complete assistance with licensing, when needed. The company has supported the launch of numerous brokers operating under different licensing and regulatory jurisdictions. Brokers are also offered company registration and licensing advice, as well as an introduction to the right contacts, as required.

Third-Party Providers

With an extensive network of experienced and trusted partners, iTech Software offers tailored advice and introductions to third-party providers. The aim is to ensure that the broker’s launch is smooth and efficient, armed with all the tools needed for success.

Introductions to Partners

To succeed in a specific region, brokers today need to offer local payment options to their clients, while using affiliates from the geography to effectively spread the word about the brokerage services and refer clients. iTech Software is well-equipped to introduce brokers to affiliates, payment services providers, and cashiers. The company also offers multiple ready-to-use integrations for broker platforms.

System Security

When a broker launches their operations with iTech Software, they get a dedicated server to ensure high-end security of all sensitive and confidential data. The data on this server is backed up daily so that the broker never experiences a critical event that impacts operations. In addition, the use of mirror technology ensures that the broker website stays live under all conditions, including a potential cyberattack.

Security is also ensured through only authorised access to back-office operations and two-factor authentication. The broker receives monthly security reports, so that they can address any issues in time. Also, iTech Software offers secure APIs for safe affiliate and third-party connections.

Website Development and Hosting

iTech Software offers services to create a unique website for each broker, based on their business needs and preferences. They also provide ongoing website hosting and maintenance services.

CRM and Trading Platform

With iTech Software’s proprietary Web Trader, brokers can differentiate themselves by offering unique features, such as copy and social trading, and PAMM/MAM accounts. Trader experiences can also be enhanced with a state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

Committed to Broker Success

Brokers who partner with iTech for all their firm’s needs have a highly skilled and experienced group of experts at their disposal. In addition, they get their own Personal Project & Customer Success Manager, responsible for ensuring immediate assistance for all brokers’ needs, including support from the Risk Management, Support, and Development teams.

iTech Software not only seamlessly handles all current emergency needs of its clients, but the team also routinely analyses each brand’s performance to offer advice on all applicable solutions to improve the firm’s offering and customer reach. The company has developed powerful technology solutions especially for Forex, CFD, Crypto and NFT brokers. iTech Software’s commitment to broker success is evident in its constant efforts to innovate solutions to bring the latest advancements in technology to ease operations.

To learn more about the Business Advising package and other brokerage solutions, contact the iTech Software team.