Malcolm Ford Appointed as Head of Sales for EMEA Region at Assure Hedge

Industry veteran Malcolm Ford who recently took up the position of head of equity platform sales at UK based FCA regulated spread betting and CFDs trading service provider CMC markets resigned from his role at the firm in less than a year after taking up the role at the firm. The move was made public via changes made to Mr. Ford’s LinkedIn profile according to which he resigned from the firm earlier this month to take up new role in similar capacity at another UK based FCA regulated financial service provider. Ford joined CMC Markets in mid-February of 2019 and was hired by the firm in its bid to help improve their institutional business by focusing on developing its relationship with small financial institutions and hedge fund firms.

CMC Markets has been ramping up its institutional product offerings for more than a year now in order to offset some of the impact incurred from new regulations which made headlines in August of 2018 which effectively limited the amount of leverage a market maker can offer its retail clients. The outgoing head of equity sales has taken up the role of Head of Sales for EMEA region at London based FCA regulated hedge fund service provider Assure Hedge which mostly caters to European Banks & FX brokerages. According to changes made in his LinkedIn profile, his new role at the firm has already began and in his new role as head of sales at the firm, Malcolm is expected to help the firm in its efforts to increase its footprint in Europe, Middle East and African market regions.

Malcolm is an industry veteran with nearly 40 years of experience serving in wide range of roles on various sectors of financial service industry during his long career. Aside from his new role at the hedge fund service provider, he is also serving as a Director at The Broker Club which was founded by him in April of 2018. According to his LinkedIn profile, The Broker club is “an exclusive community for Financial Services Brokers operating within Capital Markets” and the firm provides its members with relevant topical information and a platform for discussion. The members of this club get access to directory of selective broker services to the buy side which they can use to broaden their client base. During his multi-decade long career, he has served in key roles in some of industry leading firms such as Monsas, Linear Investments Ltd, KCG Europe Ltd, Instinet Europe Limited, Credit Agricole Cheuvreux and Morgan Stanley to name a few.