GMO Click Ramps Up CFDs Offering, Adds Seven New Instruments

GMO Click, the largest FX broker in Japan, has expanded its offering with the introduction of seven new instruments to its derivatives suite. In a recent statement, the broker informed its clients about the new additions with an initial focus on blue-chip crypto and payment companies.

This includes CFDs on some of the most sought after US companies, namely NVIDIA, US-listed crypto exchange Coinbase, Jack Dorsey’s Square, payment giant Paypal and MicroStrategy. The latter is the biggest corporate backer of Bitcoin, and represents the latest addition to a growing portfolio of tradable assets available for GMO’s clients.

The Japanese broking giant has also incorporated two contracts for differences referencing NQ100 Mini, one of popular Nasdaq stock indices, and North Sea crude oil.

GMO Click already offers a wide range of company stocks, including the most notable US tech giants as well as the largest European and Asian companies listed on global exchanges.

The case for adding more assets has been growing in recent years with clients from certain segments, including fund managers, hedge funds, and commodity trading advisors, were keen to actively trade local stocks.

GMO Click broadens its product line, which also includes currencies, commodities, equities and indices, as clients’ desire to garner exposure to regulated markets has been increasing. The inclusion of new stock CFDs, not only helps expand trading capabilities for its clientele but also attracts more traders that are looking to diversify their trading options.

GMO Click Securities has been the world’s largest FX provider by trading volume since 2012, with volumes consistently surpassing $1 trillion dollars a month.

GMO Click expands crypto offering

GMO Internet, the parent entity, already has its own cryptocurrency exchange, GMO Coin, and it opened a Bitcoin mining operation in 2017. The giant Japanese company also offers products such as online advertising, internet infrastructure, internet security, and mobile entertainment.

The US subsidiary of Tokyo-based IT conglomerate was also the first to get the go-ahead from the New York State Department of Financial Services to launch a Yen-backed cryptocurrency.

Over the last three years, online brokers have steadily added crypto instruments to its offering as client demand continues to see strong growth. Indeed, cryptocurrency adoption by mainstream traders and investors has coincided with their embrace by brokers.

By trading cryptocurrencies in the form of CFDs, traders have the opportunity to invest in their price without having to actually buy them. Furthermore, they can take advantage of a wide array of traditional trading tools such as leverage and stop orders.

The massive range of volatility exhibited in these instruments creates an ideal environment for investors in CFDs.