“Funds in Focus”: Invest like Warren Buffet – Value Investing in 2019

SIX Swiss Exchange“Funds in Focus”: Invest like Warren Buffet – Value Investing in 2019

A series of articles by Bank Julius Baer looks at topical investment themes in the Sponsored Funds trading segment of SIX Swiss Exchange.

Focus on the investment approach “value strategy” – this the latest guest contribution by Julius Baer[PDF]. Value investors do not want to achieve short-term profits, but instead make investments with long-term expectations. The current situation on the financial markets is not causing much concern among value investors, as they adhere to strict rules as to when to buy and resell a stock. They only buy a stock if the trading price is, for example, 40% lower than the intrinsic value that they have calculated. Benjamin Graham named this the safety margin. Value investors will only sell a stock once it has reached the calculated intrinsic value. A selection of traditional value investing investment funds that are traded at SIX in the Sponsored Funds segment are listed in this article.

Article series: “Funds in Focus”

Launched in March 2017, the series of articles “Funds in Focus” presents different topical investment themes, including a list of Sponsored Funds that relate to the given theme. The team of authors consists of the fund specialists at Bank Julius Baer that handle the market making of traditional investment funds.

The series of articles had started with a guest contribution about gold mine funds. The second issue in the series had looked at investment funds, that, when transacted in the traditional way on the primary market, attract commission paid to the fund by the investor – fees that can be avoided by trading fund units on the stock exchange. All the articles are available on our website.

SIX Swiss Exchange launched the trading segment for Sponsored Funds in March 2013 together with Julius Baer in November 2013. Currently the segment includes 436 products and close to 80 leading providers.

Broad information offering

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