Coinage Launches Exchange With Margin Trading and Short-Selling

Chad Pankewitz, Chief Executive Officer of Coinage
Chad Pankewitz, Chief Executive Officer of Coinage

Coinage, a digital currency company based in the UK, has announced the launch of its new mobile-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, called Coinage Exchange. As a mobile-first company, the development team focused on mobile trading to bring bitcoin et al. to the masses and Wall Street.


The company is open to business since 2010 and its trading and software engineering experience has led to this moment. Coinage will be competing with many established cryptocurrency exchanges in order to become a leader in the niche.


Coinage wants to bring digital currency trading to a new stage, including margin trading and short selling on most cryptocurrencies, as well as algo trading and high-frequency trading. Coinage says it is currently working with regulators in multiple jurisdictions to make certain they can operate in line with existing rules.


One particularity of the company’s modus operandi is that Coinage Exchange will have a stablecoin as the base currency on all markets. This allows for both exchange stability and de-coupling of crypto assets from Bitcoin.


Chad Pankewitz, Chief Executive Officer of Coinage, commented:


“We believe that crypto assets and markets are evolving into an asset class that every portfolio on Main Street and Wall Street will want exposure. We listened to investors who want innovative products that provide security and transparency. Our exchange is the first in a suite of products that will meet these needs.


bitcoinThe Coinage Exchange complies with global privacy and data regulations, including GDPR. Its mobile focus and experience allow for better security, ease of use, anytime access and new features that are not available on desktop platforms.


Margin trading with short selling is mostly absent on a wide range of altcoins and Coinage will fill this gap by allowing many new trading and investing strategies. Coinage believes that customers are the key to continued success and growth and is investing heavily in building a team that resolves issues promptly, politely and efficiently.


Cryptocurrency exchanges are popping up in every corner of the world, buoyed by the phenomenon which led to an overbought market in Bitcoin and many altcoins in late 2017.

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