Huobi Exchange Launches Cryptocurrency Business School

Huo Li, Huobi Vice President
Huo Li, Huobi Vice President

The cryptocurrency ecosystem keeps on evolving, producing new disruptive products, and assuming greater public responsibility. Huobi, a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange who is headquartered in Singapore, has announced the launch of Huobi School of Business in Hong Kong in partnership with Central Crypto.


The business school is being launched in response to demand from investors and entrepreneurs who call for a more integrated source of information to further their knowledge on the matter. The school is powered by global think tanks to facilitate communication and consultation on digital assets management and trading and blockchain projects studies. Based in Hong Kong, the institution aims to propel and guide the blockchain industry and crypto market developments.


Huobi School of Business intends to cultivate cryptocurrency trading experts and financial professionals with technical and strategic issues of crypto trading, including analytical and quantitative training to spot crypto trading opportunities.


“As a forerunner in the digital assets trading service industry, Huobi has gone through 5 year since its starting point … Our only partner in Hong Kong, Central Crypto, prepared such a fantastic event in less than 10 days”, said Huobi Vice President Huo Li said.


William Bu, co-founder of Huobi School of Business HK, commented:  “I think the future is here. We have entered a point of history where the finance industry transform from the traditional to crypto and digital.” He encouraged the attendees to embrace cryptocurrency, get trained and involved in the new era of crypto finance.


Hyde Li, the Secretary General of Huobi School of Business, said: “Together we build the golden standard for the blockchain and cryptotrading industry; a brand serving as a role model. Huobi School of Business Hong Kong offers a communication platform for people in the global finance fields, and training programme to bring our blockchain experts. Our aspiration is to become the flagship in blockchain and crypto industry and guide the industry to move forward in an orderly and healthy manner.”


In May 2018, Huobi Labs launched a US$1 billion blockchain fund to bolster domestic business. This money will be used to fund startups and ensure the DLT industry will continue to thrive in China.