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AdvisorPeak Announces Strategic Partnership with Invent.US

AdvisorPeak, another fintech firm focusing on wealth management and advisors, has announced a partnership with Invent.US as it becomes the first trading and rebalancing platform to be offered on Invent’s cloud technology platform.

Invent already has a major ecosystem of pre-built integrations and APIs and AdvisorPeak would be looking to integrate into such a system. Invent platform has over 17,000 users and now they would be able to access all of the features of AdvisorPeak as well.

“We are excited to partner with AdvisorPeak and deliver a cloud-native rebalancing solution that is accessible by thousands of advisors,” said Oleg Tishkevich, CEO of INVENT. “We have had great success working with third-party software vendors as we have a deep understanding of their unique needs and the best way to help them integrate into organizations supporting large numbers of advisors.”

AdvisorPeak was founded by a team of wealth managers and investment advisors with the sole plan of helping advisors and other financial services personnel with a state-of-the-art trading and rebalancing platform. The company hopes that this tie-up would be the first of many that it plans to do as part of its focus on taking its platform to as many wealth management professionals as possible.

“Delivering agnostic trading solutions that can plug into any system without disrupting business is in our DNA,” said Damon Deru, founder and CEO of AdvisorPeak. “We’re excited to bring our technology to INVENT’s platform and help advisors activate our powerful trading and rebalancing solutions quickly and efficiently.”

Invent is also one of the industry-leading platforms which help in financial planning for its users. Envestnet had acquired Invest and it continues to grow as it tries to make use of the multi-billion dollar opportunity available in the wealth management industry.

The wealth management industry continues to look for the perfect solution that would give its users the perfect advantage and robust returns. This is a never-ending process as the fintech firms continue to innovate and continue to build out and integrate new products and features in the hope of finding a solution that suits all the managers, advisors and wealth management companies.

So far, it has continued to remain elusive with the market being flooded with 100s of platforms and products for the wealth management industry, each of which offering a specific USP. It may be time for some companies to look at all these USPs and combine them together into a single product offering a whole lot of features for its users.