Vela Trading supports Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin has landed on Wall Street and today was the first trading day of bitcoin futures, provided by Cboe. Vela Trading Technologies, the leading market access technology provider, has announced the support of Bitcoin futures for any firm that wishes to take advantage of these new futures contracts from Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE), CME Group Inc, and most recently from Nasdaq.


Brian Cassin, Head of Business Development at Vela Trading Technologies

CME will begin trading Bitcoin futures on December 18, 2017 and Nasdaq is planning to introduce futures trading in the first half of 2018. CME will be able to receive market data and trading access without delay from launch, while data and trading access to the Nasdaq Bitcoin Futures contracts will be available on launch in 2018. Vela’s solutions for both data and market access are designed, developed, and built to support the continued growth of clients’ automated trading strategies.


Brian Cassin, Head of Business Development at Vela Trading Technologies, said: “We have been receiving significant interest from clients and the market looking to trade the new Bitcoin futures.” He added, “At Vela, we pride ourselves on being able to stay ahead of market demands and the constantly-changing environment. Our goal is to support our clients’ new trading strategies by helping them reduce time to market and total cost of ownership.”


Robert Ruppert, Senior Vice President of DAW Trading

Robert Ruppert, Senior Vice President of DAW Trading, a division of PhillipCapital, commented, said: “As one of the first brokers to react to clients’ needs and offer them access to Bitcoin futures trading, we have been working with Vela to ensure that we are ready for trading on day one.”


As Vela supports over 200 global markets and covers a wide range of asset classes including futures, options, equities, foreign exchange, and fixed income, Bitcoin is a logical extension to existing capabilities.


Vela wins the Editor’s Choice Award at FOW International Awards 2017



Luke Jeffs, Managing Editor, Global Investor Group

Earlier this month, Vela was the Editor’s Choice by Global Investor Group at the FOW International Awards 2017. The win is a recognition for the acquisitions of OptionsCity and Object Trading earlier in 2017.


Luke Jeffs, Managing Editor, Global Investor Group, said, “Vela has long had a deserved reputation as the market leader in exchange and data gateway solutions but the financial technology firm stunned the market in the middle part of 2017 with a bold double-move.” Adding, “The double acquisition is undoubtedly ambitious, and buys Vela a seat at the top table of derivatives trading technology suppliers, a business that has been dominated for years by a handful of large incumbents.”


Ollie Cadman, Head of Business Operations, Vela

Ollie Cadman, Head of Business Operations, Vela, said, “We are delighted to be the recipient of this year’s prestigious FOW Editor’s Choice Award. 2017 has been very busy and exciting for the team at Vela and we are thrilled to close the year being recognised by the futures and options community.” He added, “Vela moves into 2018 with a strong portfolio of solutions to support clients in enabling smarter access to global liquidity.”