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Trading View & Saxo Bank Securities Partner to Allow Japanese Clients to Trade Using TV’s Platform

Saxo Bank SecuritiesJapanese banking giant Saxo bank’s retail brokerage division – Saxo Bank Securities recently released a statement earlier today citing its partnership with Trading View. According to the statement, this partnership between the two firs is aimed at facilitating access for Trading View’s platform for the broker’s clients in Japan.

When speaking about the partnership between two parties, Francisco Izawa, Chief Executive Officer of Saxo Bank Securities commented: “Through this partnership, users will be able to trade a wide range of products, including currency pairs and contracts-for-difference (CFDs) provided by Saxo Bank Securities, directly from Trading View”. Izawa was also noted saying that, “With the ability to provide these new solutions, we have enhanced our ability to provide our clients with a trading environment akin to that of a professional trader”.

Trading View is a social networking platform for traders and investors across the globe which deals with a wide range of financial assets while also doubling as a trade-related technology and service provider owing to its charting and trading platform products and solutions. Trading View on average sees around 8 million users across the globe visit their site and use their product solutions on a daily basis. The most popular product of Trading View is their free for all access to trading charts, price quotes, and strategy information. While the partnership has become fully active, clients of Saxo Bank Securities can only trade with 150 currency pairs at the moment. However, the brokerage house has promised in its statement that it has plans to add around 6000 CFD’s on Trading View’s trading platform.

While this partnership enables Trading View to gain entry into the Japanese market’s investment sector, for now only clients of Saxo Bank Securities will be able to gain access to Trading View’s trading platform. This deal makes Trading View appear in the Japanese market as an affiliate of Saxo Bank Securities as there aren’t many broker-dealers in Japan who can give their clients’ access to Trading View’s trading platform. When speaking on the topic of dealing with a Japanese brokerage house, Dennis Glover, CEO of Trading View commented, “We are delighted to partner with the well-known and well-known Saxo Bank Group. We have access to Saxo Bank’s FX price quotes on our platform. As a result, we are confident that the platform’s value will be further enhanced and that customers from all over the world – as well as Japan – will benefit from this partnership.”

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