Tokenise Stock Exchange Launches New Digital Exchange Partnering with GMEX Group

Tokenise Stock Exchange - Digital Tokenise Stock Exchange (Tokenise), a London headquartered firm specialising in fully-regulated digital securities exchange has announced the launch of a new fully regulated digital exchange which is powered by innovative technology in its latest announcement. As per statement released by the firm, this exchange was launched owing to its partnership and close work with GMEX Technologies Ltd (GMEX), a wholly owned subsidiary of GMEX Group renowned for providing multi-asset class digital and conventional exchange and post-trade business and technology solutions. The firm specified that this move was created in response to the gap in current market for a well developed regulated exchange to lead the way in delivering capital raising facility via the offering of tokenised securities. The two firms have worked together to achieve this goal by enabling issuers to tokenise their equity, debt and income streams and raise capital in a safe and transparent environment made possible in its newest fully regulated digital exchange. This is achieved by utilising GMEX Group’s GMEX Fusion hybrid centralised & blockchain distributed ledger technology suite. Also, as part of the deal which includes sharing key digital tech between both parties, GMEX Group has purchased a minority equity stake in Tokenise and placed Mr. Hirander Misra – Group CEO on the board of Tokenise Stock Exchange as Group Director alongside Group Chairman Martin Graham.

Both the firms signed the partnership agreement for this deal in September 2019 and have now achieved the deal’s purpose to deliver a live digital exchange platform which support securities issuance and provides various services such as trading, surveillance, clearing, settlement and custody. These services are offered in an end to end solution package for issuers and investors thereby ensuring regulatory robustness and committing to stringent exchange-trading standards. As our readers may be familiar with, Tokenise Stock Exchange caters to clients from both London and Caribbean and is known for having been licensed in Barbados – a country which is highly friendly to digital securities. The firm has made great progress towards achieving its main goal of leading the way for next generation of capital markets and establishment of a new benchmark for digital assets by utilising blockchain technology via its recent product launches and partnership agreements. Aside from trading services, the exchange is also known for provides liquidity in a traditionally illiquid market by regularly removing any and all acknowledged inefficiencies and barriers thereby helping democratise the process of matching providers and consumers of risk capital.

Tokenise is currently working out a deal with the first set of issuers and investors for this newly launched joint venture. Tokenise Stock Exchange chose to partner with GMEX Group for the launch of its new full regulated digital exchange owing to unique set of advantages enjoyed by the firm and its clients. GMEX Group operates a total of four firms via which it provides innovative multi-asset exchange trading and post trade business solutions and technology ecosystems. The group constantly strives to facilitate creation and operation of cost effective digital exchange by creating an ecosystem made of its global footprint and huge partnership base.  Here, exchanges and post trade business solutions providers constantly deliver centralised, decentralised & hybrid solutions in a collaborative fashion with an added benefit of global network of liquidity gained from its interconnection to its partner exchanges from developing and developed markets thereby achieving a cohesive business and technology ecosystem.

Commenting on launched of this new exchange, Mike Kessler – CEO & Founder of Tokenise Group said, “Tokenise have created our solution in response to the absence of regulated options for the buying and selling of digital securities globally. As a regulated securities market, we have integrated the best of technology, including cryptography, with a complete trading ecosystem to simplify access to new asset classes, for both issuers and investors. This, in turn, will increase the flow of funds and investment opportunities for market participants.”

Hirander Misra, Chief Executive Officer of GMEX Group
Hirander Misra, Chief Executive Officer of GMEX Group

Speaking on same note, Hirander Misra – CEO of GMEX Group added “Combining a regulated exchange with our award-winning technology and business expertise, has achieved a market leading milestone in going live with the next generation of stock exchange to facilitate mainstream investor access to digital assets.” He continued “I am very excited to join the Tokenise board representing GMEX alongside Martin Graham, who was formerly Director of Markets at the London Stock Exchange when I co-founded Chi-X Europe.”