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Moscow Exchange Group Announces Changes to the Management Team

MOEX - Management TeamAt its meeting on 5 June 2020, the Supervisory Board of Moscow Exchange will discuss the proposed appointment of Alexey Khavin as member of the Executive Board to the management team. He is currently Chief Executive Officer of the Central Counterparty National Clearing Centre (CCP NCC), part of Moscow Exchange Group.

If the Supervisory Board approves the appointment, Alexey Khavin’s candidacy will be submitted for approval by the Bank of Russia, and then for final endorsement by the Board.

On 11 June, Supervisory Board of CCP NCC is expected to discuss the appointment of Eddie Astanin as Chief Executive Officer of the CCP NCC. He is currently Chief Executive Officer of the National Settlement Depository (NSD), part of Moscow Exchange Group.

Yury Denisov, Chief Executive Officer of Moscow Exchange, said:

“Alexey Khavin has been the head of one of Moscow Exchange Group’s key subsidiaries for almost ten years. During his tenure, CCP NCC was assigned its status as the only qualified central counterparty in Russia, as well as credit ratings at the same level as the sovereign from international credit agencies. It has become an important element of the Russian financial market. Alexey’s extensive experience in communication with key clients and knowledge of international and Russian financial markets will bring a new dimension to the Moscow Exchange management team. His presence in the Executive Board will bring significant competencies that will further increase the efficiency of the company.

“Eddie Astanin has been with Moscow Exchange Group for more than 25 years. He directed the creation of one of the key infrastructure institutions of the Russian market – the central securities depository – which has performed very strongly compared to decades of efforts made by some countries. His knowledge and expertise in building reliable and effective business and the development of services for Russian and international market participants will give new impetus to the future development of the NCC”.

If Eddie Astanin is approved as CEO of the CCP NCC, Mariya Krasnova is expected to take the role as acting CEO of the NSD.

Alexey Khavin has over 25 years’ experience in the banking sector. He previously held senior positions in the treasury of Eurofinance Bank and headed the treasury of Gazprombank. He has been with CCP NCC since November 2010.

Eddie Astanin has been with Moscow Exchange Group since 1994. In his first 11 years, he worked at MICEX Exchange, rising from senior economist to director for government securities and money instruments. In 2005, he joined National Depository Center (NDC). After transformation of NDC into NSD in 2010, he became chairman of the Executive Board of NSD. In 2015 he was elected to the Board of Directors of the international SWIFT system.

Moscow Exchange Group operates Russia’s main trading platform for currencies, money market instruments, equities, bonds, derivative instruments and commodities. The Group includes the central securities depository (National Settlement Depository) and a clearing center (National Clearing Centre), performing the functions of central counterparty on the markets, which allows MOEX to offer its clients a full range of trading and post-trading services. Moscow Exchange held an initial public offering of its shares on 15 February 2013 (ticker: MOEX).

Founded on 27 June 1996, National Settlement Depository was assigned status as systemically important settlement depository and systemically important repository by the Bank of Russia. NSD provides a wide range of services including core depository, cash settlement, repository and information services, as well as collateral management and technology. It keeps under custody securities of issuers from over 40 countries.

Central Counterparty National Clearing Center (CCP NCC) was founded in May 2006. It operates as a clearing house and central counterparty on the Russian financial market. The Bank of Russia assigned CCP NCC status of the qualified central counterparty and recognized it as the systemically important central counterparty. The main and primary function of CCP NCC is to ensure stability on the financial market segments in its authority using innovative risk management which meets international standards and provide participants with effective clearing services.